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These would be so cool!

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I was watching some type of European news report on PBS last night and saw a story about how in Finland, you can order stamps with any picture you want on them (tasteful
). Anyways, I was thinking how cool it would be to order stamps with a cd'd bum on them! Or, in a cute soaker ... the possibilities are endless and it would not only be adorable, but what a way to spread the word!
Anyways, just thought I'd share. Angelica, have you seen these?
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So Angelica, is it true? Can you really get stamps with your Buggle (isn't that what you call him?) on it??
They have these in the UK or did when I was there. I always considered ordering some with my little one's picture to send on mail to family in the US since they were missing so much of his development. The stamps really weren't that expensive. I think the idea was rather popular with students at University. I think its a great idea but don't see our post office running with it.
Hi there,

You can do this in Canada too

You have to go through Canada Post-they have the forms at the P.O
Takes a while and you don't get your picture back

Take care,
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That would be sooooo awesome!
I'm going to ask my Post Office next time I'm there or heck maybe I'll email them or write a letter~
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