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This got forwarded to me by a friend. I cant belive authorities are using time and money to go after raw dairy farmers instead of real criminals! Maybe all the real criminals have been caught and they are bored with nothing to do!?!
: If, after you read this, you want the attachment to help get the authorites to do something better with their time, post to the message and I can forward the attachment to your email box. All they are asking is to fax a document stating the health benefits to authorities in Michigan so they can see the publics outrage.

Forwarded Message:

True Food News of the Week: On October 13, 2006 the Michigan Department
of Agriculture (MDA) executed a sting operation against Richard Hebron and
the Family Farms Coop (FFC), a private membership farm cooperative with
about 1,000 members in Michigan and Illinois. Michigan state police and
MDA agents pulled Hebron over on his way to his weekly Ann Arbor
distribution site and served him a search warrant for the contents of his
truck. Agents seized 450 gallons of raw milk, 29 quarts of fresh cream,
11 quarts of kefir, 4 quarts of buttermilk, 9 quarts of yogurt, and 29
pounds of butter, Hebron's cell phone, and invoices for that day's
distributions. Agents refused Hebron any calls during the four hours he
was in their custody.

At the same time Hebron was stopped on the road, officers served Hebron's
wife Annette with a search warrant on their farm and seized their
computer, all cow share records, cow herd release agreements, rolodex,
invoices, current order sheets, product sheets, delivery schedules, and
all raw dairy products in storage on the farm.

An instance of illness among children of one of the member families was
documented as impetus for the investigation. The illness occurred six
months prior, but did not actually involve consumption of raw milk at all.
The family had missed the previous week's milk delivery and had purchased
commercial milk from a grocery store. Three days later all children had
become violently ill with gastrointestinal symptoms. The mother's casual
remark to their doctor about the family also drinking raw milk led to the
notification of the county health department, and then the department of
agriculture. No investigation into the actual cause of the children's
illness has ever been made. http://www.westonar

============ ========= ========= ========= ======

Two messages from Aajonus Vonderplantiz to pass on:

----- Original Message -----

From: aajonus

To: aajonus

Sent: Sunday, October 22, 2006 11:41 PM

Subject: Immediate ACTION! - Raw dairy being attached, again! Please help.

Hi, everyone,
Some of our raw dairy farmers are being attacked in Michigan and Indiana. Please open attached Word document, sign, print your name and address and fax to the number listed for each individual at the bottom of the letter. It is important to jam their fax machines for 1 week with this letter and proof of raw milk safety. They must realize that harassing us will cost them outrage, time and money. Please be diligent. People with names starting with the letters A-H should fax them on Monday, letters I-M should fax them on Tuesday, letters N-Z should fax on Wednesday, and everyone who can, please fax again on Thursday and Friday. Jamming government faxes for a week has worked very well in the past to end harassment. Please be tenacious.

Below is my sample letter to Michigan Food & Agriculture that is in Word document in attached file. We will fax Indiana when appropriate, maybe soon. Accompanying that letter is 4 pages of research proving raw-milk safety to be faxed with your letter. Therefore, a total of 5 pages should be sent; a cover letter stating person to receive the fax will make the entire document 6 pages.
Thank you!

------------ --------- ---

October 23, 2006

<> Michigan Department of Agriculture
Director Mitch Irwin
524 West Allegan
Lansing, MI 48933
517-335-1423 (Fax)

Dear Michigan Department of Agriculture Director Mitch Irwin,

I am appalled that your department obtained probable-causeless warrants on and seized dairy from one of our private clubs. You robbed health-giving raw milk and byproducts from our sibling members', their babies' and childrens' stomachs. Raw milk is not harmful even though most health-department officials and employees believe that it is. The belief that raw milk is risky is unscientifically based and false. I have improved my health significantly with raw dairy products. Pasteurized dairy products did not improve my health and sometimes made me sick. I attached research proving that raw milk is beneficial and pasteurized milk is harmful and sometimes dangerous. It was taken from Dr. Aajonus Vonderplanitz' (Ph.D. Nutrition) book The Recipe For Living Without Disease (2002), Chaper 31. I hope that the Michigan Agriculture Department will be open-minded to the factual issues of raw milk in the future.

Please stop harassing people who choose health-giving raw foods. Allow me and my family to choose what we have experienced is healthy for us. You are not God. Thank you for your consideration to this life-important matter.


<>(sign and print your name & address on the letter in the file attached, print and fax)

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------

----- Original Message -----

From: aajonus

To: aajonus

Sent: Tuesday, October 24, 2006 12:45 PM

Subject: Immediate ACTION! - Raw dairy support

October 18, 2006

Dear Co-op Members and Raw Milk Enthusiasts, <>

Many of you have voiced your concerns and a willingness to help regarding the recent search and seizure of Richard Hebron and Family Farms Co-op in Michigan. Such support during this very disturbing incident is greatly appreciated and encouraged.<>

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you of one very important way in which you can help to resist the government and their regulatory bodies from taking away our freedom to choose raw milk.<>

For those who wish to offer their support financially, we would like you to donate to Right To Choose Healthy Food. Right To Choose Healthy Food, is a not-for-profit organization formed by Dr. Aajonus Vonderplanitz and citizens, which educates people about laws enacted or pursued that have, or will, severely limit people's choices regarding health, and order people to follow a path toward disease. Also, Right To Choose Healthy Food may take legal action against food producers who make false claims about the production of their product(s), misrepresenting their product(s). <>

Aajonus Vonderplanitz, PhD nutrition, has a record of success in overturning laws which ban or threaten to ban raw dairy. He has donated hundreds of hours of his time to legal work and bailing out farmers and co-ops when harassed by government officials. He drafted the cow/herd lease programs that have allowed us all to enjoy raw dairy, unlike cow share programs which have failed and have been outlawed in several states. No other person or organization can make this claim.

Recently, Dr. Vonderplanitz' wrote a 55-page document to the Michigan Department of Agriculture about interfering with raw dairy and our cooperative clubs after they seized $7,000 in raw dairy product destined for club members, not the public. (Family Farms Cooperative vs Michigan Department of Agriculture. ) Dr. Vonderplanitz also wrote the recent Public Outcry letter that so many of you faxed and are faxing.
With the financial support of people like you, Aajonus can continue to lobby legislators, file law suits, and prepare the necessary documents for court cases against raw milk as he did successfully with ****** Organic Farm and another Pennsylvania farm that were cited by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. Two months ago, Aajonus wrote a 62-pages and a 9-pages Motions to Quash or Dismiss for the farmers. All charges against both farms were dropped at the court. So please send your generous donations to:<>

Right To Choose Healthy Food
P.O. Box 176
Santa Monica, CA 90406-0176

Thank you for your support and keep on fighting the good fight

Richard and Annette Hebron
Sheri Giachetto

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Wow! I 'll send out a letter in a few minutes.

Note: I believe it is a violation of the MDC user ageement to post e-mails or corespondance with out permision. You may want to edit or check in with the mod in this case.

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oh! I didn't know! I figured since I wasn't trying to profit from this, it would be ok. If I was not supposed to do this, I'm sorry Mods!

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Realmilk is asking everyone NOT to start a letter writing campaign at this time. At this point there have been no charges filed, and they are waiting to see what happens. I also believe that Realmilk is working with the MDA to resolve the situation.

On a personal note, while I beileve that raw milk should be something we all have a right to purchase, I would like to point out that FFC was breaking the law, they were transporting raw milk across state lines. This case has more to it than just being a cow share program, and I think that's why they were targeted. I don't think the MDA should have dealt with it the way they did, but I think we all need to wait and see what further action is taken before we take any.
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