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They might as well get used to it...

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So my sister tells me today that it's gross to extended breastfeed. Or the word she used "disgusting". We both receive our care through a federally run clinic - me to avoid the peds and ob care that is overly medicated and doctor based instead of patient based (we have Native blood so we use the Indian Hospitals). I plan on following the AAP recommendation of BF for at least a year and then weening when my daughter wants. I might still be going at 2 or 3!

My family is never going to understand me. How did my mother and father produce me??? I CD, oh my gosh dont CIO, and holy cow carry my baby with me in a carrier. How did they go wrong?!?!?!?!

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My family has gotten used to it, but I think some members are a little freaked at my tandem nursing. Oh well. Enjoy your "freakiness!"
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