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@#$%^%&^&*$%!! Yes, that's how I feel. For quite a few years before I got preggo I had regular bladder infections/irritations. A couple years ago I discovered the cranberry extract pills -- other than going on meds, these have been the only thing that would help.

Now (as you may have guessed
: ) they're back. I was so excited thinking my change in body chemistry had forever erased these lil bits of torture from my life -- I mean I haven't had one since I was abouty 5 weeks preggo! So is it safe for me to be taking these lil pills? I took one yesterday & it didn't immediately cause a terrible reaction, but my ds has been acting strangely. I think it's the few solids I've introduced, though -- or teething -- or trying to learn to crawl -- or -- or -- or ... you get the picture.

Help ladies -- I really want to take a dose of these & the box doesn't say anything. TIA!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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