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They're .........

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the most stubborn babies ever!!!! Guess what?After I whined on here about not having an u/s yesterday, I ended up getting one after all. I had pelvic pain on and off for two days,didn't really think much of it,but called the OB just in case. He told me to go to Labor and Delivery to be monitored and I ended up having to have a pap/u/s/catheter, yeah fun. Anyway, the babies are fine. They are measuring 16 weeks 4 days and weigh 5oz each. Baby B has an anterior placenta and Baby A has a posterior placenta. Baby B had the cord between his/her legs.....
Baby A was sitting against the wall of the whatever on his/her pelvis area and wouldnt budge.
So, no joy there anyway. I have a UTI.
Had no idea. Have no burning/anything so that was a surprise, must have just caught it.

I guess Oct 4 hopefully they will show themselves. lol
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sorry you have a uti
but at least you caught it early it seems. hope you feel better soon
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That doesn't sound like fun, sorry you had a long day. Im glad you caught the UTI early though. Hopefully you feel better soon.
Ugh, long day
. Silly babies, I hope you are able to catch them on the next u/s
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Good thing you caught that UTI. Sorry the babies were hiding. The suspense is a good thing, right?
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sorry about the stubborn babies, maybe that means they will stay nice and put for a good while.

good thing you caught that uti nice and early.
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