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Things we should remember to be grateful of...

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For nostalgia sake I thought I'd bump this. Pretty funny! I'll update in Red

So, by most definitions of the second trimester, we've all officially arrived!
Yay! Congrats! Now, I think we should take a moment to be thankful. One and most importantly that we're still growing sweet babes and secondly also that the miseries of later pregnancy are (hopefully) no where to be found.

Ok, so those of us who have been pregnant before and those of us who's friends have been pregnant before -- we know there are some not so pleasant things that our board will probably be muddled in complaints about come the 3rd trimester. Not that everyone will have the same complaints, but you can be assured that as our babies and our bodies grow our discomfort will, too! So... let's take a moment to make a list of things we're grateful about.

1. When we pee now, it's this big gush of urine that is satisfying. No little unsatifying tinkle/tinkle and then you have to go again in 2 minutes. Little tinkle tinkle here ever since baby went head down.

2. Don't need a mountain of pillows just to support you as you sleep. I sleep in a mountain of pillows each night now per method. Mmmm, only way I can sleep!

3. You can still recline in a chair without being concerned about forcing your baby into a posterior (think back labor and longer labor) position. I think it's more the lack of breathing I have when reclined, but yes I'm starting to think about proper positioning!

4. You're not wondering if every little twinge is IT! STill too early in 3rd trimester for that.

5. Getting up off the couch doens't illicit groans and moans. I only groan or moan when no one is in ear shot.

6. Getting up off the couch doesn't illicit gawkers and a cheering section. Just last night I tried to get up off the couch and I couldn't. I had to scoot and scrunch and finally I was up... I didn't think my DH was looking, but he was. He DID cheer!

What do you have to add?

(I'm going to invite the August board to post as well!)
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7. your feet haven't swollen to the size of watermelons and you don't have cankles yet

8. you can still shave without help

9. you can still see your hooha (LOL)

10. your baby hasn't lodged itself in your ribcage, making it impossible to breathe or eat or move.
Agh Michele, 8 and 9 were mine! (I just tried to shave my bikini line this morning - wasted effort)

11. If your breasts got bigger and you LIKE that, they aren't dwarfed again by your belly.

12. You don't have to keep an eye out for colostrum leak spots on your shirt (unless you are still BF).

13. Your rings still fit! Everyday!

14. You probably can still wear this year's new cute strappy sandals.
Oooh, good ones, Michele. Totally feeling thankful!! Skinny feet, semi-shaven legs, deep breath and much staring at my hooha. :LOL
Kristen we were posting at the same time. Wow, great list. ANd, you're right... it would bite to not wear the strappy sandels. I wasn't planning on it, but to know that some of you fine fine August mamas can't makes me want to go out and buy some just for you guys to live vicariously!!! I totally forgot about breasts being drawfed by the belly. OMG! Thank you for reminding me... gonna go check out my breasts and hooha now!!! :LOL couch is so deep I already can't get off without help! And I've already moved to my fake wedding ring because I can't get mine on (but that's a bit due to humidity too!)

15. I can still carry my toddler without major problems.
16. It may not feel like it now, but you have major amounts of energy compared to 30+ weeks.

17. You can eat a normal meal AND maybe some dessert without getting painfully full or terrible heartburn.

18. Having, um, snuggles with DP isn't like engaging in some contortionist carnival sideshow. ("Step right up! Carnal relations with the human beached whale! You'll laugh, you'll cry...!")

19. Maternity clothes make you look "cutely pregnant" and you haven't outgrown all but the tent-like shirts.

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Originally Posted by nabigus
18. Having, um, snuggles with DP isn't like engaging in some contortionist carnival sideshow. ("Step right up! Carnal relations with the human beached whale! You'll laugh, you'll cry...!")
I'm totally wiping apple juice off my computer screen!!!

And... my my how I remember that! Wow, this is all like a walk down memory lane... I am feeling SO grateful! Special thanks to you wonderful August women!!! Just think, you'll be living better than the 2nd trimester when all of us December gals are in the 3rd trimester!
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20. I will bend down to pick something up off the floor with my hands without even considering using my toes instead.

Things that maybe only apply to me:
a). Plausible deniability
b). I can still lean over the laser table without buring my belly.

I'll have to come back later! I better go to the bathroom before I pee my pants!
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21) You can cut and paint your own toenails
22) You can walk down the sidewalk without people practically jumping into the street to get out of your way. I mean I know I was big, but people acted if I were going to completely run them over sometimes.
23) You can roll over in bed and not have your belly follow a few seconds behind you.
24) You don't have people asking if you are due any day, if you are having triplets, or commenting on how insanely large you have gotten. Why it is ok to talk about a pregnant woman's weight and not a non-pregnant woman's weight has always baffled me.
25) I am so glad that I still have a lap for my two year old to sit in. It is slowly disappearing.
26) This beautiful miraculous pregnancy isn't almost over for you...

(This is fun, thanks for inviting us!)
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27) Not getting bruised or cracked ribs, or the wind knocked out of you from strong baby kicks.
28) Leaning backwards doesn't make it impossible to breathe
29) Braxton Hicks aren't obnoxious quite yet.
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30. getting closer to be being able have a mimosa again on a beautiful morning like today...or a cold beer on a hot night like last...or a glass of wine with a good meal (see a theme?

31. the ability to have sex with him on top in a not too modified position yet

32. being able to make plans without wondering if you'll be birthing instead

33. friends and relatives are still charmed by you and your pregnancy - not totally sick of it yet

34. feeling the baby move is still wonderful - doesn't yet cause pain or the sudden overwhelming need to pee...or a little pee to come on out on its own

35. still a little time to baby the baby we already have before he gets thrust into big brother-dom
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This is a fun thread. Thank you for inviting us August folks. Most of you said things I would have said, so I don't have much else to say except enjoy your wonderful second trimester! I had a great one and now the 7-month exhaustion has set in =).

Maybe something to be grateful for is that being sleepy can teach us to slow down.

36) Not feeling like your pelvis is going to crack in two at any moment?
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Going to the beach and not waddling more than the ducks. Being able to carry your passed out 4 y.o. without risking premature labor. Doesn't require a team of engineers and a moving crew to turn over in bed. Getting to stay in bed more than 2 hours between trips to the bathroom.
Stretchmarks...need I say more?
not feeling like you're going to drop that baby at any moment because you're positive its head is half out.
sleep. you can still sleep. trust me, you may think you're not sleeping now, but, man, wait until the end... :LOL

Originally Posted by chiro_kristin
26) This beautiful miraculous pregnancy isn't almost over for you...

(This is fun, thanks for inviting us!)
Oh Man! You're right!!! This pregnancy is going to end!!!
I REALLY want my HG to end, but not my being pregnant! I still have to get in a lot of enjoying and appreciating pregnancy first!
Especially because this must be my last! Oh! My last one!!!

This is really so much fun to read! I'm so happy to hear you August mama's perspectives!
I think you should start a thread about reasons to be happy you're nearing the end of your pregnancies instead of just beginning them! We'll come post on it!

GREAT GREAT things folks! I've laughed SO much reading it!!!
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Oooh! What Claire said. Thanks so much August moms for sharing your POV with us. I am thrilled to be first-time pregnant. And I'm trying to enjoy every minute - even the green around the gills minutes.
But it's good to know what's coming, too.
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