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Think I am in labor

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Prolly no one else is up right now...but I am pretty sure I am in labor. I was in denial as I have had some minor ctx for the last couple of days. Now they are about 5 minutes apart and I am having to breathe thru them. I tried to lay down and rest, but that soon became unbearable. They are not hard to deal with, but they are coming about every 5 minutes.

Now if I could just get over feeling wierd about calling my midwife and doula in the wee hours of the morning......

Hooray for this little babe being born right on her due date. Who ever would have thought?
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It's 4am, not too early. Go for it!

(and I'm up... course it 4PM here!)

Woo hoo, come on baby!
oh mama im so happy for you

PS call them thats what you pay them for
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I hope you're holding a new baby in your arms, or at least well on the way there!
Not in your DDC, but just wanted to say Congratulations!!! Hope you are holding your little girl soon.
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Sounds like labor to me - lucky, lucky you!!

41 weeks 5 days and counting.........
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