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Think it over

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Not to be a downer, but law school is the "easy"part- actual practice is much, much harder. You know in school what is expexted of you and can structure your time accordingly. In practice, every day brings a new challenge, pressure and possibly last minuite time contraints that force you to either put your client's needs or your family's needs aside. I worked before Lucy for a firm and then went out on my own in domestic practice. I found neither situation to be condusive to how I wanted to raise Lucy- the firm expected too many structred hours and my own practice required seemingly erractic periods of ultra long hours intermingled with normal days- very hard to find child care suitable. It's my advice to consider your choices- even law school- with an eye toward lifestyle- and your family equalibrium. i work at home now as a free lance writer and even though its a paycut I am soo much happier and with baby #2 due this fall I can't imagine juggling my practice too!
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I see a big difference in those moms who had a baby then went to law school vs those who went to law school then had a baby. On one hand, school would have been much easier had I been 23 and single,
but I dont think I would have made the same decisions regarding working afterwards.

I think that its more of going into any profession with knowledge of your choices and how that will impact your family. There are so many "non-traditional" legal carrer options, and I dont think that unitl you have the family issues many people consider them because in law school post graduation success is measured by the size of the firm and the size of your paycheck.

Ive been thinking about this a lot lately, can you tell? :LOL

Also, I from the mamas I've talked to who did law school then baby, being a lawyer was thier first job. Working is hard no matter what you are doing. My sister who barely finished high school works 50 hours a week becasue she makes barely over min wage. Its not being a lawyer per se, its the goshdarn system.

We all have to find our peace in it
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Also depends on where/how you practice. I'm at a very family-friendly firm... I even work from home 2 days a week.
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