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think terbutaline is the reason my son has autism.....

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i know 4 mothers had this shot and there kids have autism,now the ? is : can this be true????????? i had it to and my son has autism.thats 5 moms now.any more out there ?
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I have no experience with this, but when I googled it I found this article.
First of all, I'm sorry to hear that your son was dx with autism.

As someone whose nightmare throughout this pregnancy has been the threat of PTL, I, of course, do not want this to be true (took terbutaline through my pregnancy).

Poor doctors can't really win on this one. They have very limited choices in treating PTL, and, if they gave you terbutaline, they did it because they believed the benefits outweigh the risks. It is a very tough choice for doctors and parents to make. I also did my research on tocolytics, and was comfortable taking terbutaline. For me, the risks of my baby dying (born before viability, like my first) as well as the risks of extreme prematurity, were by far more scary than the potential risks of terbutaline.

FWIW, I know of plenty of women who took terbutaline throughout the pregnancy (they used to prescribe it long-term for pregnant women, every 4 hours for weeks or month) and their babies do not have ASD. My Sidelines sponsor's two children do not have ASD and she was on terb around the clock. The vast majority of kids with ASD (and all autistic kids I know IRL) were born to moms who did not take terbutaline (no PTL).

If you do a google search, you will find many theories out there (some more credible than others) linking ASD to vaccines, environmental factors, parents' age, pregnancy spacing, and several other things. Unfortunately, we don't know for sure what causes ASD. I think parents (and the scientific community) are desperate to find answers, and more importantly, a cure for ASD. But it's still a big unknown.

The article linked above quotes a malpractice lawyer. Here is another article presenting the other side. "Terbutaline and autism...or not"

My best wishes to you and your son.
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i had terb with my first pregnancy and my son has autism. i've wondered if it affected him as well! :(
I had it multiple times with my son, and he has Aspergers.
I had terbutaline with my daughter and she's fine. Gifted. But she does have a chronic illness, JIA.
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