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Thinking a head to next time--pp bleeding

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Ds is only 6 weeks old, but I'm already thinking and planning for the next one. :LOL

What I really, really need to know is related to postpartum bleeding and how to prevent it. I exercised regularly until the last trimester, and regularly drank raspberry leaf tea, although not in great quantities. But after my sons birth, I ended up filling a bedban with clots, scaring everybody to death with some heavy bleeding and being so weak I was unable to walk to the bathroom, and then having to stay in the hospital two nights, one of them with a catheter
and getting painful shots every 4 hours, plus Pit at the beginning of all that. It was miserable.

Was "overstretched uterus due to big baby" a reasonable diagnosis of my bleeding? Is there anything I can do to avoid it next time?
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Just how big was your baby? Also, did you happen to have a fast labor? I bled quite a bit after my most recent birth, and had an 8.5lb baby and a fast labor. My MW thought the "good sized baby, fast labor" was a reason for it, but I'm not so sure. I had a 10lb baby and had no problems with excess bleeding.
I've never heard of the size of the baby affecting pp blood loss... my DD was 10lb 8oz, and I bled very little on the day she was born. I did, however, bleed lightly for about six weeks- much longer than I'd rather- but I've been told since then that I was probably doing too much and didn't rest enough the first week postpartum.

What was your birth like?
How quickly was the cord cut?
Was your 3rd stage "actively managed"?
Did you deliver the placenta naturally or did someone give a tug on the cord?

I have been told that it is drinking nettle tea during pregnancy that helps minimize blood loss. My preggo tea consisted of three parts RRL, two parts nettles, and one part oat straw. I only bled for two days after my vbac (then a clearish-yellowish watery lochia for a week or two after that), but I also ate the placenta, which is thought to reduce bleeding as well. Nursing baby as soon after birth as possible, and as often as possible also helps. I nursed DD2 before I ever delivered her placenta!
I hemmoraged after #2 (to the point I passed out), which I attributed to having pit on top of an already long hard labor.
Anyhow, with subsequent births I adament that we do everything we can to prevent that. It scared the living daylights out of me. My midwife left me some shephards purse and I nursed frequently. I made sure my uterus was always clamped down and not soggy and large. I went to the bathroom frequently and didn't do anything but lay in bed and walk to the bathroom for the first few days. But a big baby can cause heavier than normal pp bleeding becuase the sight of the placenta is gonna be larger.

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My baby was 9 lb 15 oz and it was a super-fast labor, 4 hours from start to finish. The midwife was pretty hands off and I don't remember her tugging the cord to get the placenta out.

I spent a lot of time being mad at myself for being so weak and not doing enought to prevent this. I was so wanting to go home the same day and really disappointed with all the medical management that was necessary after the birth.

Would it be useful to just start drinking prego tea with nettle now? If there's anything I can do to tone up my uterus before getting pregnant again, I'd like to start.
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