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Thinking about trying something

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Ok so I have been using pul pocket diapers for Araya with 2 microterry towels from walmart with a hemp insert as well for bedtime but the last few days we have woke up with wicking which ANNOYS me.

I have some wool on the way so I know that I can start branching out. Here is what I was thinking, how about a hemp pocket diaper like a happy hempy or when Harleyz are restocked, one of hers? What would you recommend? What should I stuff it with? I dont' want it too bulky on her, I always feel badly at bedtime as it is, she hates to have her big diaper put on, doesn't mind during the day, but at bedtime it is a super big diaper.

so please help me, spam me to find what will work good for an 8 month old at bedtime. She isn't a super soaker I woudln't say, but she does sleep at least 10 if not 12 hours at night, waking at least 3 times to nurse!

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sounds exactly like my dd at that age! I used a happy hempy with a microfiber towel topped with a wool cover. It wasn't overly bulky, the wool kept everything dry, and the hempy added lots of absorbancy without the extra bulk. I started out with 2 microfiber towels but went down to 1 since she wasn't totally saturating it - as I said, the hempy added lots of absorbancy.
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