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Hello all,<br>
My husband and I recently moved from Boulder, Colorado (my home) to California and have had a horrible work experience. So after three months here we are considering another move and one of our choices is Dutchess Cty. My oldest was born here, so we are a bit familiar with the area, but never raised children here.<br><br>
We are looking for a good place to raise our two little ones (7 months and 3 years), so good schools are important to us. Also we are very active and love the outdoors and like to hike, cycle, etc. In Boulder we were spoiled with family activities (art classes, music classes, small museums, gymnastics, etc.). Are there things that we will find to do here???<br><br>
We're also pretty "crunchy" so we're looking for like-minded people.<br><br>
Mom to August (12/14/03) and Ronan (9/13/06)
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