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Hi everyone! My dh and I are considering a move to the NW next year. We're planning a road trip out there for the fall need some suggestions about where to look. We're crunchy sorts and are looking for a small town where we can find some of the following:

people interested in sustainable, simple living
a community spirit and small town life, where walking and biking are normal
organic foods/markets etc.
a willingness to share resources (i.e., eggs for milk, lettuce for squash, etc.)
a place left as natural as possilbe, with outdoor options, like skiing, hiking, etc.
four distinct seasons (mainly we'd like it to snow in the winter)
a homeschooling/unschooling environment

Are there any places like this? We're planning a road trip up there for Aug/early Sept and need some suggestions about where to look. We'd love to find some property and begin paying on it now. That's the dream, anyway!

Thanks for your help! Kelly
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