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Thinking of you mamas...

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Just wanted to pop in and say hello...hope all you mamas here are doing ok today. We just passed 6 months on Thursday and today is the day we found out I was pregnant last year (took the test at 5:30 am last Easter -- even though last year it was Easter in March). I am in kind of a quiet place today -- doing ok but thinking alot about our baby and our family and all of you too who are missing your babies. The sun is shining here and it kind of gives me hope.
s to all you MDC mamas missing your babies on Easter.
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Thanks for thinking of all us - I'm hoping for new beginnings for all of us!

dziejen, those memories are so hard.
good friday last year was the day we held coral for the last time. this year easter is later but its very reminescent of that time.
thank you for reaching out, i hope you're hanging in there...
love, coralsmom
A blessed Easter to all of you mamas who celebrate (and a happy Sunday to everyone, those who celebrate Easter and those that don't). When I light Ry's candle at Easter dinner, I will hold all of your babies in my heart as well...
dziejen- Thought of you and little Carrie last week
. Quinn's 6 month was Friday. It was pretty tough.
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