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I have always been sensitive to the issues of racism in this country. I am also aware of many issues all over the world. How blacks are percieved seems to be the worst of racism. I am what many people call "biracial" with German mother and a black father. I always grew up as a black American. I always percieved myself as a black American. I am not insensitive to others' ethnocentricity as well. However, I still realize that blacks in this country have the struggle for credibility even though it has been proven over and over again.

I have two sisters who were raised in the suberbs and not around many if any blacks at all. There perception of racism in this country is quite skewed and it baffles me how they seemed get "around" dealing with being black in America. It even divides us as a family because due to their mother (my stepmother who raised me since the age of eight so she is really considered my mother as well....) not wanting them to be Afrocentric at all.

My father does not care either due to him being able to avoid racism economically. One of my sisters has two children going on three born with a white father and they do not look like they have any black features so they will be raised as white. We should not be in a box, but it is hard for me to accept siding with the oppressor. If you want to raise your children one way that is one thing but to completely ignore our culture as black people I think is insulting.

At any rate, even though I love all races of people I still acknowledge that Afrocentric culture is real to me and something that should not be diluted and go extinct to preserve anyone else's culture.
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