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"How? The area in which I live is predominately White, so there are many situations where I am the only Black woman in the environment. I don't really think about it anymore because it is so prevalent in my life. I know that this is still the South and some areas of Georgia, I honestly believe they forgot to turn the clock forward from the Jim Crow Era. More than anything, I want to project confidence in ANY environment for the sake of my sons. I don't want them to feel self-conscious.

"What is going through your mind during the moment?"
When I am with my children, White women compliment me on them as if they are prized animals. They are biracial(DH is of English/Polish descent) I never see them do this with Black children. I don't want them objectified, they are smart and they have personalities too.

"What is going through your head about the people who surround you?"
I wonder if they see me as a "Non-threatening" Black person? Because I don't "Speak" Black or don't fit the stereotype.

"What do you perceive will be their treatment of you?"
The "Token" Black woman who "isn't like the others". I'm supposedly the "Reasonable one" who "doesn't seem to have a chip on their shoulder." I've heard these statements from White people in my past. It's annoying.

"How do you act in response to all this stimuli?"
I try to talk myself out of it and say that maybe I'm paranoid. My husband is privy to conversations that White people have when Black people are not around and they don't know that his wife is Black. He thinks that White people have learned to hide their racist feelings well. This sometimes makes me wonder what White people really think of me, but then I think my only responsibility is to live my life and be a good human being/wife/mother/daughter and what strangers think of me is irrelevant. It's not my responsibility to change a White person's opinion about Black people. People choose to be racist and prejudiced.
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