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I am so vex I missed the first two exercises.

I am Jewish who is born in Canada, moved to the US when very young to the South (Georgia) and identify with the South. My grandmother was considered a mixed Jewish woman as she has some other type of Asian in her but we don't know the extent. She was a small brown woman with high cheekbones, flat small nose and kinky hair. Quiet as it is kept Jewish and Black people are the most color struck folk in the world in my experience and she would insist she was white. My father was light brown with black kinky hair and my mother a very light skinned Eurpopean looking Jewish woman with blonde hair , green eyes and white skin. She was considered a prize and she was really a great beauty to boot.

My brother is very white skinned and blue eyes, blonde hair and me in the middle with brown hair, black eyes, frizzy wild hair, sallow skin almost olive that tans very well. I can pass for almost anything if I had the mind to. People always ask me what are you. Of course my grandmother doted on my brother always talking about his blue eyes.

I moved back to Canada 15 years ago to Quebec and feel displaced. I have 3 multiracial children, (Jewish, African American, and Cherokee Indian) red bones, high yella, "white folk", My youngest is very fair with blue green eyes and black folk in Ga called him little white boy so much the poor child thought he was white till he was 10. Drove me nuts. We had to learn French here and only me and my youngest were able to do it.

Here in Canada quiet as it is kept race is an issue too but they do not have a history in instituanalized racism on books such as the US.

Black folk here are very mixed or from places like the Carribean and Africa. My family fit right in.

I live in a condo townhouse of a very very mixed population. Any country you can think of is represented here and all get along very well. Many of multiracial person around here. I love it.

But in the world my kids get it. They are followed in stores, stopped for bus passes as the white kids get by, stopped by police , been called n#####ger more than we care to remember. This never happened in Ga from white people. They passed out many a Ga ass whuppin when we first come here.

I am happy to be me. I think anyone should be happy to be. There is not one culture, race nationality or religion left in this world that can claim "purity" or guitlessness in behavior or history. There is good and bad in everyone. I feel sorry for white people who let guilt rule them or Black people who practice self hate or my Jewish people who always try to fit in with the culture they live under but are never really accepted. My philosphy is life is play the hand you got.

To further complications I am a Messianic Jew which means a Jewish believer in Jesus a Jewish Christian. My fathers side has married off into Trinidadians, and Jamaicans and has half Jewish and Half native (Mic Mac) there too. People are always amazed, interested, repelled by my family or a combination thereof.

I find beauty in things people do not generally find beauty of. I am apolitical mostly, conservative in some things liberal in others. I cannot be easily pigeonholed.
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