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"How? By placing ourselves in situations where we are the Other. Now, I am sure some of you will claim that this is your existence everyday. If so, then amp it up."

Well I am the other on a daily basis in my apartment building. There are three Caucasian families in this building and the rest are of Hispanic descent. I grew up in a very diverse community so being in a place where I am shall we say the other, really is the norm for me. I am not quite sure how to amp it up since this feels the same as when I was a child growing up. The area of the country where I live is predominately Caucasian and farm country. So I suppose being in a situation where I am surrounded by another race would make me the other here in my building. The downtown is gradually changing to a predominately Hispanic Neighborhood with one side of two and 1/2 city blocks is all hispanic shops.

Last May~on the weekend of the 5th to be precise; our town had a Cinco De Mayo Festival downtown. I have to go through downtown for errands on the weekends frequently.

"What is going through your mind during the moment?"
I am upset at the fact that the roads were not designated closed yet they felt the need to block traffic. I am upset that the Mexcian flag is placed to fly higher than the American flag on the posts lining the streets of downtown(especially near the VFW and the lodge).
As I slow my car down to look at the festivites, I wonder why all the little girls are dressed as they are going to prom. I also stare in curiosity at why they are letting their children run free and unattended along a busy, non-monitored open highway lined with cars. Now the children unattended thing also happens a lot in my apartment building I realize. My neighbors let their kids roam free in the halls and along the street(which is quite busy throughout the day). Then I am thinking, why is it that they act so superior to me when I am in their presence?

"What is going through your head about the people who surround you?"
Wow, they must really have nice jobs to be able to afford such nice dresses for their girls for one such day. Then its, OMG! That kid just ran out in front of an oncoming vehicle and no one even flinched.....When I am home~The people in the back are very nice, they cant understand me much but they are just soo polite. Totally night and day from the Hispanics upstairs, wow they are just rude, travel in packs, dont clean up after themselves, dont watch their kids(leaving them unattended for long periods of time)~the people in the back must have been here in this country longer, they seem to have better manners and understanding that they are not superior over me.

"What do you perceive will be their treatment of you?"
Downtown last May, I was afraid to get out of the car and go see what smelled so good at the bakery. There were stares, I didnt feel comfortable when I slowed to try and park as all the people were looking at me. They must be thinking that I am strange coming down here and infringing on their holiday. I was thinking that I would be followed by a few children lookng at me and my baby in awe as to why we were there.
At home I am afraid to go in the hallway, for fear that the rude Hispanics will approach me in a group to try and intimidate me. Although I breathe easier when the back neighbors are the ones doing laundary not the other neighbors.

"How do you act in response to all this stimuli?"
Well last may, I didnt bother to stop and get a treat at the bakery. I kept driving. I felt REALLY out numbered. DP wouldnt even go downtown with me. Mentioning that he stays away from that part of town during that fest.
At home, I really dont go out in the hall. I check the peep hole before I open my door. I watch to see when people upstairs leave, then check for their cars front and back.

Things just started to get very uncomfortable when the management started to rent to anyone rude or nice, dirty or clean, and everyone who has moved in has been Hispanic.....I am more worried about the mean, rude and dirty people rather then them being Hispanic.

I am very comfortable with the neighbors in the back of the building, just cause they are polite and respectful. The rest are just not nice all together. I wouldnt care if they were polite and didnt act as if they can do as they please without consequence to others and as if they were superior to me. I am just uncomfortable around people who are intimidating to me.
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