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Well since I joined last night I didn't get to reply to the other two, but I can & will reply to this one. I can be bluntly honest so hold on & bare with me

I am a minority, I live in a predominantly white (small) city. But I live downtown close to the University so my kids school isn't predominantly anything (that's why I live here so they can go to that school)

I am half Lakota & half French, My husband is half Mohawk & half Irish but we identify with our Native half, all our friends are Native (or married in), we follow our Native beliefs & live that life. I grew up in a racist environment being adopted by White couple who wanted to assimilate me so I wouldn't go to hell. I don't have much to do with them & in truth havn't had much to do with anyone outside of my cultural community (beyond shopping or taking the kids to school) since I finished highschool but that all changed recently when I went to work in a building with 800 people (I stayed at home till the youngest was in school) I felt LOST! out of place & for 4 months I didn't talk to anyone. I didn't know what to say to any of them & yep, they were a them to me. There are a few other Natives there I have made fiends with & I even talk to others. SO I have to think why? If I am walking down the street, they are just people passing by, I can ignore them if they ignore me. It's a coping strategy I guess. But sitting beside a large group of other people all day, 4 nights a week. Man that's different. At first I just went into my own world & worked. Later I listened to them talk. I had nothing to interject. They didn't share the same interests or do the same stuff, their were 2 Moms but they were party Moms, my idea of a party is a 49er dance & they don't know what that is, but it's not their kind of party. I was real lonely & hey they didn't talk to me either. Luckly I was on a new team 4 months later. This one had 2 Native Woman & I started talking, but just to them. They were friends with other people there and I started talking to these Woman too, not much at first but slowly more. Still to be honest I don't have a lot to say & don't know them real well but it made me think. I wondered if my isolated life was flawed. I have decided not entirely, everyone makes friends with those that they have things in common with. I do have a few friends of other backgrounds (people who are married to Native people) but we live similar lives. I don't dislike people of other cultures, I don't think my way is better, but I know it is better for me. I don't want to make other people be like Native people because I belive that when you live your culture you honour your ancestors & creation. I do have racial fear, I admit that, I large white Man in an elevator with me will scare the you know what out of me. I do hate the governments of the Americas for what they are doing to our people still & I do blame dominant society for not making a change in the way they run their governments. I do have unpleasant views of the dominant culture at times. But Ironically that is why I'm here. My expierence in going to work this year made me look for a board like this where I would have something in common with many other Woman despite their cultural background And then I found this thread talking about the very thing I'm trying to be comfortable expierencing. Do I think my social circle will change? No. Do I think it will ease racial fear? No. What is the benifit? Small stuff, like being comfortable & finding other similarities,, I think that's important. Because I can sit in a coffee shop & strike up a conversation with another minority but not with someone from the dominant culture & this is a change I would like to be comfortable making. I know there are people in my community who don't isolate themselves culturally like I have, but there are also plenty who do, like my closest freinds.

So I hope you all followed this & can respect my honesty on the matter. Oh and I hope I understood the concept of the exersize properly, it just sounded so much like what I'm going through in my life right now.
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