My husband and I worked together to give me a healing C-section.
After a failed induction and a failed VBAC, I was ready to have a birth I loved. My husband and I worked together to ensure all of my needs were met to finally have a healing C-section.

We found out I was pregnant with our third child in June 2015, after two years of trying. Internally, I fought a battle. I could try for a VBA2C or opt for a repeat C-section. I prayed for hours. Finally, the answer felt clear to me, and I chose an RCS.

I Knew What I Wanted

After two previous C-sections, I knew what I wanted and what I didn't. The most obvious issue to me was the lack of contact with my babies immediately after birth. I knew babies benefited from skin-to-skin, but the OR seemed like an unlikely place for skin-to-skin.

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Kangaroo care, with mom and dad soon after birth, topped my list as well. My baby needed to breastfeed as soon as possible, not wait for over an hour. Another wish was that my husband could watch the birth while taking photos. I wanted to see the birth through the photos. Ultimately, I wanted a birth as normal as possible.

My Husband, My Advocate

Connor's birth date arrived, February 18th, and we prepared for his arrival. The most important step was to tell my husband everything I wanted. He was my advocate, a great role for my outgoing husband.

At noon, the staff wheeled me back to the OR. At 12:13 pm, Connor cried for the first time, as my husband laid his hand gently on my head. Our long-awaited rainbow baby was here.

The staff quickly wiped him down, and my husband cut the umbilical cord. Then, the moment I prayed for arrived. He laid my son gently on my chest, and my arms were released. I cried while kissing his temples and forehead. I gazed into his eyes moments after delivery.

Time passed, and the nurse weighed him. Connor weighed 10bs 7oz, my largest so far. We headed to recovery, with my husband ensuring the baby went with me. We arrived back in the recovery room at 12:45 p.m. and my son immediately latched onto my breast.

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My husband ensured everything I wanted to happen did. After we breastfed, my son and I snuggled under a warm blanket for kangaroo care. Then, we transferred kangaroo care to my husband, a beautiful memory. My doctor peeked in and told me to eat immediately, another wish I wanted.

My Advice

My third c-section was fantastic. While it might not be a normal birth, I felt fulfilled. I encourage mothers, regardless of birth choices, to research the hospital prior to selecting a doctor. Many have policies that go against your wishes.

It is also important to always have an advocate with you, whether it is a spouse, best friend or a hired doula. You want someone to speak for you when you feel as if you cannot.

Last, you should know what you want. My birth may not work for you, and that is fine. The most important factor is for mothers to know what they want out of their birth and to strive to meet those goals. I am thankful for a birth I can reflect on with pure happiness.