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third trimester, baby!

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OMG! I'll be there in 2 weeks! It has gone by so fast! My dh is just so lax about everything and I'm busting at the seams. Besides my diapers and a changing table/dresser we have NOTHING for the babe but some clothing! And I have no confirmations from anyone about who is doing my shower and when so my preggo brain is frying!

I know we have plenty of time but I'm a major plan ahead person. I want everything neat and done waaaay before I go into labor.
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In a few days, I'll be there. Unreal! It's going quite fast, now that I'm feeling better, and I'm excited but a little shocked at the pace. So, time to start making up my to-do list. I'll bore you with some of mine, you share some of yours. Let me assure you, this is just an *exceprt*

paint the bathroom
paint the bedroom
get sliding doors fixed
get fan installed in bathroom
carpets cleaned
get the old dresser from my brother so this baby has a place for his stuff
buy beads for MDC swap
get out carseat and clean it up
move toddler's seat to back row of the van so he can get used to that
sort and wash baby clothes and diapers
knit more newborn stuff

finish getting big kids' dental checkups and well visits
do I have nursing pads? postpartum mama pads?
borrow tripod from sister to video birth without needing a person to do it

in a month or two,
design baby announcement
buy goodies for the big sibs to enjoy during labor or postpartum
freeze meals
prepare food ideas for midwife during birth
make up a list of labor foods
prepare labor box/supplies
get x-small fuzzi bunz from sister

last minute
buy labor foods
charge camera batteries
remind peed about home visit in first 24 hours
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I can't believe it's gone by so fast! Yikes! I have a humungo list of tings to do:
plant grass
install new front door
lay patio stone
supervise my dh painting the trim and windows
organize and hold a yard sale
turn crib into sidecar
set up guest room for my sister
make seatcovers for dining roo chairs
get carpets steam cleaned
repaint bathroom
wash baby clothes and diapers
order new diaper system
buy a few more packs of onesies
wash carseat and install
order birth kit
buy pool
get labor/birth food together
make list and start making announcements

Geez - I'm sure there are a gazillion other things as well - this is my short list! I need to stop fooling around on MDC and get things done!
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I am THERE baby!!! I really don't need to do much before this little girl gets here. Since I really think we'll still be here (no job prospects yet), I'll just probably be packing up the house to move.
My midwife provides the birth kit and pool, so that is really nice. I just need to get my little dipes out, get a package of sposies for those miconium poops, and clean out Seth's dresser to make room for baby sister's stuff.
I'll have to get out the bassinet too, but not until right before she's born. It will start to hit me more in about 1 more month!! Then I'll probably be a crazy lady!!!
I'm almost there! At first the pregnancy seemed so endless and long and now I'm thinking, "I can't be almost done, I need more time!"

I've got a huge list that I am slowly chipping away at, but the biggest thing right now is to finish sewing diapers. We're trying out the frugal diapering method, which is great in theory, but it will only work if actually get our butts in gear and finish getting the diapers made!
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aha! I knew this was going to remind me of more to add.... nas. tee. carpets.

Originally Posted by Jade2561
supervise my dh painting the trim and windows

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Wowee, mamas!
You all have some super long To Do's!

This thread sure is making me thankful for:

A) Living in an apartment - even though space (lack of) is a MAJOR issue, at least we don't have to worry about yards, or updating any fixtures, or even cleaning carpets (our floors are wood and marble).

B) Living so far from the U.S. - - I was so worried I wouldn't have the things I'd like to have for the baby in time (that come from the U.S.), that I already bought/received all my: cloth dipes, diaper bags/wetbags, baby clothing, baby meds(they don't have the same otc meds here) & nursing bras/pads.

So my actual To Do list is pretty short:

1) Birth plan - actually, a general draft is due to my doula by my next hypnobirthing class (she teaches it) in two weeks, so she can go through it in detail with me, help me add things I might not have considered, etc. She gives a copy on to my OB, who then forwards a copy to the hospital ahead of time, with his strict orders to follow it/contact him *ahead of time* with any questions/issues. The hospital is used to his way of doing things, and they are quite supportive (thank goodness!)

2) Labor/birthing/hospital/nursing wear - something to wear in labor, but can be used after as a nursing nightgown. I'd really like to avoid the matronly crap that's out there - there's nothing that makes me feel uglier post partum than a dowdy nursing gown. But I'm not looking for negligee-wear either. Hmm... still haven't figured out where I'm getting this quite yet (if such a thing even exists!

3) Buy an infant carseat - only one store here sells the one I want, but stock isn't a problem, so I feel comfortable waiting another month to buy it.

4) Buy a gift for the baby to give to his big brother.

5) Buy a bouncy seat (or something of the like) so I have a place to put the baby down when I need to shower, pee, cook, or the like.
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Kelli - what are you going to get for big brother? I am trying to decide what to get Seth from the baby...any ideas??
Hmmmm... The only thing I can really think of that I need to get done for the baby before the baby comes (aside from practicing my Bradley) is to buy dipes and install the carseat. Of course, I could always grab extra diapers from the hospital, and with the latch system it literally takes me 30 seconds to install a carseat so I guess that even if I did no preparation whatsoever we'd still be pretty ready as far as the baby goes.

Now, the list of things that needs to be done in general is huge as always but I won't bore you with all of that.
That list never gets finished.
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I feel like it has gone really fast, too. I can't believe we're nearly 2/3s of the way done with pregnancy.

I don't really make to-do lists, but I've not done anything yet for this baby, so we've got stuff to do/get in the next couple of months. I've done some reading about things like carseats, so we've got a list of some of the things we'll buy eventually, but we don't have any baby stuff yet (except a couple of outfits that friends gave us as gifts when they visited from out of town).

Even though I am 27 weeks, I still feel like it is "too early" to buy stuff. heh. I guess eventually it'll feel like it's time. I hope.
I've been seriously slacking on my MDC time because we've only got three months to find a FREAKIN house! Ahhh...

Okay, no, we could (and probably will) be in our current apartment past july, but the idea of having two children in our one bedroom, one split kitchen/living room apartment is terrifying! So that's the main thing we're trying to get done at the moment... Other than that, I'm busy sewing diapers... I finished smalls, doing some newborn now and then on to mediums if I get time. Clothing-wise we're fine because I saved alot of my DS's stuff... We picked out the carseat we want (roundabout), just need to buy it, but no real hurry, it'll still be there in a couple of months...

But as far as the house... Need. More. Time! Ugh!

Originally Posted by ksjhwkr
Kelli - what are you going to get for big brother? I am trying to decide what to get Seth from the baby...any ideas??
I have NO idea.
But I know a sentimental-type gift is *not* gonna fly with this four year old. It's gotta be something he would want/enjoy.

If I can't think of anything better, I'll probably get an easel (whiteboard one side/magnetic blackboard other side). He used to have one he used ALL the time when we were in our house in the states, but we didn't ship it here. He'd love to have another one. We'll still seems like kind of a lame gift.
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Not too much left to do I guess. Baby clothes are sorted, just need to be washed. Room is painted and bordered (not like baby will be in there for a while but we're hoping at least for naps). Need to freeze some meals I guess and pack some things to eat for labor.

I also might do a hospital-specific birth plan, just in case I transport (no whammies). Will ask about that one at the next appt. Anyone else who's having a home birth or a BC doing a birth plan?

Other than that we're in good shape!
I haven't even thought about what has to get done yet (TOO much!) but I wanted to share:
When I had Alyssa, Jessie was 3 and E was 2. What we had as a baby to sibling gift was a bought soft stuffed animal (bunny for J, bear for E). earlier that week I had made Jess and E each a shirt that said "I'm a Big Brother"/Big Sister" and packed them away for them to wear when they came to meet Al. Anyhow, I had made matching shirts for the animals (out of baby onesies) that said "I'm Big Brothers/Sisters" and was decorated the same. They loved them, but I have to say they also loved the chocolate Easter bunny my dad brought for me

My To Do list, so far:
*CLEAN THE HOUSE... My house is straightened, but in need of a thorough scrubbing, and before the baby would be ideal

* Go Through all the baby stuff, seperate girl/boys clothes, make a list of clothes and little things needed

* Organize computer/music room so a bassinette and the baby dresser can fit (for daytime naps and diaper changes,and to keep the older kids out of the clean baby clothes/CD's)

* Would love to get the play room knocked out and the deck put in before July, but that's pushing it a little

* Buy a new infant carseat, and the baby carrier I want (I think it's the Moby... looks SO comfy!)

* Cook at least 10 more meals to freeze... I try, but they keep getting all eaten up when I don't feel like cooking now!

And SOOO much more.. this is all I can remember at the moment without giving myself a headache
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my to do list for this baby...
proof of pregnancy. still haven't done that. there is a clinic i can go to that is free where i can donate a few dollars, take a preg test, and then get my written proof that is valid for a birth certificate. though i have to sit through a video about other options beside abortion, etc (which is probably why i've been putting it off). but, i don't want to go to a family practioner, that's a good 50 bucks for walking in the door, plus other costs, not too mention the waiting room wait. midwife won't especially since she doesn't want her name of the birth certificate. it's dh's name that's put in as attendant.
birth certificate packet got to get that from the health dept. i guess i better get that done soon to make sure of the info i need.

only other things i needed for this baby i've already done. infant car seat (can't believe i got rid of my other one that i used for 3 babies. but, this baby was a total suprise), restocked newborn prefolds (i always wind up getting rid of smalls, and then need them again), and a bigger car (we bought SIL's minivan. such a relief to be able to comfortably sit a family of 6 or 7). the only problem is the serpentine belt slips off if you drive through a puddle. dh figured the tensioner spring is not tight enough(poor design). i'm the only that has small enough hands to stick down in the engine and route that belt through 7 pulley's (i've already done it). minivan's have small engines.

as for projects around the house, i always have something to work on (we are supposed to be doing an addition). so either it gets done before the baby or it will get done after. time will tell
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