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This book sucks: "Darn Good Advice-Pregnancy" by Susan Warhus, David Hitch

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I was just browsing it today, and while it did provide the AAP advice about it not being necessary, the information was extremely brief and leaned very pro-circumcision. They essentially say, "If you choose to circumcise..." and provide care advice, but say NOTHING about not circumcising or how to care for an intact penis. In addition, half of the second page is a quote/experience from a mother who talks about being worried about pain but her doctor completely reassured her and she allowed the circumcision to match daddy and then mentions how happy that made him! It also says that parents should take into account whether their other children are circumcised because (paraphrasing here) 'most families want a matching set'. YUCK!

The doctor's website is here:

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It made daddy so happy to have a twin penis? Wow... sounds like my BIL.
That's horrid. And the matching set comment is even worse.
What if the first child is a GIRL? What are they gonna do to that poor boy then to make a matching set?
If I go down to B&N w/ my computer within the next few days I'll have to type out the quote. It was truly atrocious.

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