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this is breaking my heart (pumping mom)

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New here...My sister tried feeding Erik a bottle of expressed breastmilk tonight(I'm at work), and he SCREAMED bloddy murder..grabbed her shirt like he wanted the boob...He's only 7 weeks old...eventually took it, but he was not a happy babe tonight.
He has taken bottles in the past easily--not enthusiastically, but still. He has even taken a bottle from me once. Any ideas how I can fix this???

I'm so sad...
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Sometimes it's harder for babies at night, period.

I'm sorry, and sorry that I don't have any ideas. Time may make this one easier.

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ohhhh, I'm so sorry! I just wanted to give you a
and my support!
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Ohhh, poor baby. (Poor mommy and auntie as well!)

Ask your sister to try to feed him sooner. As soon as he starts showing hunger signs, she should offer him the ebm. Have a bottle ready when he starts to wake up from a nap, as well. Sometimes it's easier to get the baby to take the bottle when he's just barely awake. Your sister can also try varying the positions that she holds him in. She should try either something very similar to nursing or very different (facing out). You can also experiment with different temperatures and different bottles.

Good luck. It does get easier.
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Hugs to you... it will get better with time. My DD was hit-and-miss with the bottle for a few months until she took it consistently every time. It is so hard to see your kid get upset when you don't have any other way to feed her and you have to be apart :'(

But it does get easier. Keep working with the bottle and offering the breast whenever you are together. It gets better.
Since you are a working mom, you can always breastfeed when you and baby are together. It's fine that your baby won't take bottles from you. One of the advantages of breastfeeding for working moms is that they get to breastfeed and don't have to bottle feed.

When I went back to work after my first baby it was awful. He would not take a bottle from anyone and would cry most of the time I was gone. His face would be red and swollen from crying when I came to him. I had a care provider near work and very flexible hours (at a university). Even going to him and nursing 3 or 4 times wasn't enough for him.

I made the difficult decision to quit working - the best decision I ever made. I made twice as much as my husband so we made many lifestyle changes. I was a mom who HAD to work and still choose not to. I felt like a failure for not being able to work and breastfeed, no one was supporting my choice. My son is now 25 and he and his brothers all glad they were breastfed and I choose to be a full-time mom.
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