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This is driving me insane

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When I go to James and say "James, Butt on the couch. Do not jump on the couch." he says "What" ANYTHING where I'm directing him or asking him to do something he just sits there and says "WHAT?" WHAT? WHAT? It's seriously driving me insane. I don't know how to stop it. Sometime it's important that he does what I ask him without saying "WHAT?" and keeping on doing what he was doing. He did this the other day when I asked him to stay on the sidewalk and not go into the road. I said "James. Stay on the sidewalk. Do not go into the road." and I stopped him three times and said "Stay on the sidewalk" He did have this down! He knew not to go near the road, but now he's saying "What?" and just doing what he was doing when I say not to or give him other directions.

How do I make this stop, it's driving me batty
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It's time you learn the brilliance of reverse psychology
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That goes along with the always annoying WHYYYY? I hate the why and what. When ds1 started doing things he KNEW were a no-no, I would walk over and stop him, take him off/out whatever, and talk to him eye-to-eye. He got so annoyed with the lengthy process that he started listening
: But I don't know if that's the right way to do it - it's what I did and it worked for us!
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I would definately go to him, and physically help him stop doing whatever he is doing, or start doing what you need him to do. He's only 2 right? NOt much impulse control there. And not much self discipline to stop a fun behavior (jumping on the couch) either.
With dd, who is almost 2, I simply go to her, touch her shoulder or rub her hair and tell what I need to tell her, and if she needs me to, I help her physically.
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In addition to physically touching him while you speak, I would

Check his hearing and comprehension at other times. If you say, "let's go to the park, get your shoes on." does he do it? So, is this selective hearing or is he having real trouble following you at other times too?

Reduce what you're saying. "James. Butt on the couch." (Leave off the "don't..." sentence.) The fewer words you use, the more chance they have of getting through. And if you don't mention the forbidden activity, he won't think as much about it. If you tell him not to jump, he'll think about jumping more. If you tell him to sit down, he may think about jumping, but not as much.

"James, Butt on the couch, please." "What?" (walking over to him) "Butt on the couch." "What?" "Butt. Couch." as you assist him down.
He hears just fine, they test babies hearing before they leave the hospital, and this 'what' deal just recently started.

He's worse about it when I'm doing something and can't physically stop he's dumping his water out while I'm cooking supper and I say "JAMES! STOP!" and he looks up at me, keeps doing it and says "What?" like "Why should I stop? This is cool"

I'm fairly sure his hearing is fine because if I whisper his name to see if he's asleep at night he answers me. *shrug*
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