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This is pretty encouraging!

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So you could definitely put us in the "potty pause" or "potty strike" category for the last few months. We have at least one or two catches every day, and almost all the poops, but the rest of the time it's refusal to use the potty. Even the most reliable catches (after nap) have gone out the window.

My dd has made a "th" sound when she was peeing about four or five times so far. Yesterday she made a very clear "s" sound while on the potty, which was very cool, but she didn't actually pee. Neat that she made the sound, though. This morning she also made a very clear "s" sound, I took her, and she peed. We went back to bed, and as I lay there wishing and hoping she would fall back asleep, she looked at me and made another "s" sound. I took her again, and she pooped! So cool!!! Then about five or ten minutes later, she did it again. For some reason (even though she pees a ton in the morning) I figured she was just playing around, so I didn't do anything. Soon I could smell pee! So she verbally signalled three times in a row this morning! And it was even an "S"!!!

I was thinking, "why didn't I just take her?" and I remembered that I really am not accustomed to her WANTING to go on the potty!

I also have not been signing with her as much as I've wanted to, because potty time is not a relaxed let's-also-do-the-sign-for-potty time!

So I was excited about her "s"s this morning!!!!!
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Yay! That's so exciting!! It seems like times of potty pause are often followed by a leap, so maybe this is a step forward for you guys!
Oooh, I like that thought, Carlyle! She was walking around the kitchen floor very steadily after we got up, and I was wondering if maybe she's taking a pause from the pause? One can hope!
I think the year ahead is going to be at least as interesting as the year we just finished!
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Yay Hannah! She's a bit ahead of Terran with the walking, so I'm watching closely to get some ideas on when his pause will be over. I have fastidious boys who want to get out of diapers FAST!
We caught more than half of the pees today! Had to go outside for at least three pees, but that's ok, a catch is a catch. I knew there was a door in my bedroom leading to the backyard for a reason! In fact, I think we only had two misses today! That is a nice thing!
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