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MDC is where i was introduced to unschooling.And my first reaction to it was "yeah right"...a fancy way of saying you arent doing anything at all.

But NOW....

My oldest was in preschool for three years prior to k. Three. I dont think he was near where dd is right now at the same age! And he was labeled gifted in kindergarden. She is just now kindy age, would be starting next week if we were going to ps. Since I have backed off and left her alone she has:

learned to read AND write her own name
recognize all letters that are in her name(katie) seperatley when seen other places
spell the words NO and OUT
recognize several other letters and thier sounds (t, n,o and D)
count to 19, if you remind her of 20, she keeps going up to 29, tell her 30shekeeps going up to 39and so on, forever.
simple addition
her address, town, state and country
to recognize the word "shrek"(I have no idea HOW)
those are all completely On HER OWN!!

thats not even counting concepts she has grasped after asking me questions (ex: "why is the moon always there at night?" lead to an impromptu astronomy lesson, just like a question about fireworks lead to a discussion on the american revolution)

She amazes me everyday with the things she knows. She will tell me things and ask, "right mommy?" and Im like, Yeah,but wow,how'd she know that?

I cant believe that I ever doubted the amazing ability of children to learn! I cant imagine school doing anything but squashing that.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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