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this is so not my week for fluff :(

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I got my very very first FMBG diaper in the mail saturday ! i was so excited and felt so lucky to finally have one! But upon closer inspection I noticed The tabs were off , the center snap was crooked, and the snaps them selves were un even
*snifsniff* On the plus side terri was extremely nice and said it was sent out on accident she would reimburse shipping to send it back to her and she would send me out a new one as soon as she got it.
NOW today I got my BSW order i have been waiting for , 3 small covers and a large SIO i got from her recent auctions, well I open the package and there is the lg SIO and just two of the three sm covers
I was missing my small nautical print another **sniffsniff** I missed out in her last stocking for it and was so glad to get one this last time, and it didnt come! I am just not having any luck with the fluffy mail this week! it seems like it always goes wrong for me. On the plus side HH has some care bear prints out!!
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Oh, boy, that is some bad fluffy mail luck you are having. I hope you get those missing ones soon... Is the BSW on it's way too?
Oh, I'm sorry...But look up, It's only Monday. To better fluff days ahead!!!!
Sorry mama, that stinks!

If you like "care bears", I saw SugarPlum Baby has a large fitteds in that print.
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