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Originally Posted by MamaChel
He may consider counselling but only if I go back into treatment and start showing enough "improvement" first.
Wow. I'm so angry for you.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding. but I have to say that I'm not sure how openly berating you whenever you have an idea or an opinion qualifies as him working on your issues. That's really just taking the hitting out of the beating... beating your spirit down with words instead of fists.

It seems to me that you do need counseling, mama. That should definitely be the priority - not couples counseling. Your husband obviously needs counseling, as well, for his major control issues, but don't expend any energy worrying about him. Worry about you. You need to get your sense of self-worth in place so that you can get to a place where you can stand up and tell your dh, "I won't be spoken to that way. I deserve better than that." Because you DO deserve so much better. You just need to know it and be able to convey it. Is there a women's shelter close by? I don't mean to leave, but they should be able to point you in the right direction for counseling services so that will take a little work out of the process of finding a therapist... Maybe they will know of someone very close so you can get there ASAP.

Take care of yourself. And congrats on the coming little one. Maybe the first stand you can take for yourself (and for your children - they should NOT grow up seeing their mother treated this way) is naming this baby.

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