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This is the third Oct in a row I've been pg....

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I just realized toay tha we conceived our Sweetpea in October....about half way thrugh the month.

I know this pg is giong much better....I'm 23 weeks on saturday.... and I'm not as concerned about osing this babe as i was in the beginning. I'm feeling pretty good...def growing...I added new belly shots to the link below.

I guess I'm a little sad that my second child should be around 3 months old now....
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I'm glad to hear things are moving along the way they should this time. I love your pregnancy progression pictures you are taking!!

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I understand how you feel. I'm 29 weeks and due the same day as my m/c last december. I toughed through my fears this time and didn't have an ultrasound just like with first pregnancy. I understand why some mommies want every test. It's hard after losing a wee one. Spiritbaby was due July 4th and I still am sad about it. Would have had 2 babies 23 months apart just like my mom who died last June. Now my babies will be 28 months apart. I have been blessed with this pregnancy - no major problems - just the GTT today. I'll be shocked if I have g.d. Luckily I'm able to leave work now to be home alone with dd for a couple of months before our new arrival.
Megan, I completely understand. Amanda was stillborn on December 14 and Ds was born on December 23 the following year. It was so strange being pregnant 2 years in a row and a bit sad only getting one baby

I'm thinking about you.
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waterdrinker-- I was due July 14-17... we lost our babe Nov 17...our 2 would have been 14 months they will be 21 months apart.

I hope to join you here really soon. I'm in the 2ww. The whole thing is weird. I hope to be pregnant before December...when I lost our 2nd baby.

I'm so happy things are going good for you now. You give me hope!! How are you feeling?
I'm feeling pretty good....very pregnant but good
check out my belly shots...I'm getting huge! The baby moves constantly which is very reassuring

I hope you do join soon!! I went back and read the May 2ww when I found out about this seems like so long ago! And I didn't realize how many symptoms or whatever that I actually had!
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You know what I think hit me the hardest? Realizing I am going to have babies 13 months apart, then realizing that with my 3 m/cs, I have 6 children, and only get to see two of them. Then I also realized that this will be my 4th child, and I'm not even 29 for another 12 days! Just a really wierd thought, and it made me feel so ripped off. Now I'm wondering what it will feel like to be pg on my last baby's birthday... Gotta love pg hormones making things more dramatic than they might have been otherwise
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Megan you look radiant! What a beautiful family. It seems like only yesterday you found out this baby was comming. I wish you the best and continue to hold you in my thoughs.

AdronsCatherine, It's amazing the odd things we think up isn't it! I had 5 miscarriages - one was dd's twin and stillbirth. I should have 7 children right now, but only two are here. I do feel cheated at times and blessed others - depends on the day LOL.

I seem to always conceive on a holiday which is pretty odd? I have terrible infertility problums and it's strange that the procedures we did on holidays were the ones that took.

How are you all feeling right now?
Thanks! I feel beautiful! Most of the time

I understand the weird feelings. I'm not 25 yet and I've had 4 pgs. I can't imagine having 2 babies to hold...let alone the 4!
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