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I was just on the phone with my grandmother - and I should mention that I do not talk parenting with her because she was harsh with her kids and regrets it so I don't want to rub salt in an open wound, yk? We've never talked about parenting experts or anything. Well, we were talking about when her kids were young and she mentioned Dr. Spock...Then she said "and now it's Brazelton". I asked how she knew about Brazelton and she said that when she was in nurse's training in a big Boston hospital he was an intern!! She went on to say none of the nurses liked him. They thought he was full of himself and stuck up and there were some other reasons that they didn't like him but she couldn't remember!
I don't know much about him...I've never read any of his books, but it just struck me as really funny.

She also said that at that time there was a woman named Joy Graham or something like that in training with her and dropped out because she didn't do very well at all. She ended up going to college and becoming a child psychologist or pediatrician or something like that and wrote a parenting book for Pampers. My grandmother said she wasn't popular either. She married an exec of Striderite (sp? the children's shoe company) and when she ran into her as a young mother of twins Joy introduced her to her husband and said something like "she's got twin boys, I'm sure she could use some striderite shoes...but she probably couldn't afford them."

It was so weird to hear that my grandmother rubbed elbows with some of todays parenting experts!
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