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this is what its all about!

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ds ia almost 3. i posted last week asking how much milk he could possibly be getting nursing only once a day; i was so sure he'd be weaning totally any day now. but last night he woke up with an ear ache from out of this world. usually similisan kills it right away, but after 3 doses, i went to tylenol. still awake and fussing. to save my sanity, around 2 or 3 am i came on mdc just to lurk around a bit. he settled in on my right side, grabbed boobie in both hands and just nursed himself right to sleep! he hasn't done that in 6 mos! it was awesome!
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I was so happy to be nursing (both kids) when they got chicken pox. And when I see a sick toddler who has been weaned that's always my first thought--- "Too bad they can't nurse, they really need it!"
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