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This is worse than the Bratz dolls

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These poor little girls are being sexualized way way too young. And their mothers are the ones who bring them here.
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This makes me so sad. I never want to let my girls out of the house. I have no problem with dress up and playing with make up and stuff like that but why do you have to dress them up in "sexy" clothing and try and get them to act sexy? At 3 or 4?? Why??

Wish I had something intelligent to say about this, but it numbs the brain ...

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They teach them to shimmy and shake it? What is wrong with people, I would never let my daughter attend a birthday party there. That is just so wrong...
just lets you where we place little girls in our society.gross.

i don't get it. why do moms feel the need to let their daughters do this?
None of that is compatible with the values I'd like my children to have.
WTF will they think of next? And are these "fashion shows" open to the public? If they are, it's only a matter of time before the pedophiles wrangle their way in. I hope these businesses have a really high liability insurance policy. Gross, just gross.
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I honestly have no problem with this. I would never shop there, and certainly never host a birthday party there, only because of the expense. I wouldn't object to my children attending a party at one of these places or something similar. If I were to shop there (pretending for a moment I could afford it) then this stuff would only be for "dress up," not for wearing to school or anything like that. I'd also never purchase any of the midriff-baring outfits (unless they were going to be worn with an undershirt!!!)

It's fantasy. It's pretend. As long as it's balanced with plenty of other kinds of pretend play, I don't see the harm in it.
#$%*@! ing repulsive! What is wrong with these people? Why does a three year old have a purse? And lip gloss? Yuck. I actually think this sort of hyper-sexualization of children should be prohibited by the law.
Why isn't there more businesses out there that throw educational birthday parties? Like having kids conduct science experiments, or fire prevention/safety themes, or stranger danger themes? This can be fun and educational. I see nothing positive that comes out of having your daughter dress up in revealing clothes and done up hair and make up. Parents of girls are/do have enough trouble teaching positive self image and confidence without the added pressure of teaching them how to dress. Is it a guarantee that just because you let your daughter have a party at a business like this that they will end up dressing provocatively? No. But it plants a seed at a young age that it is glamourous and grown up, hence acceptable. How many of us have kiddos who are 3 going on 13?

Why does a three year old have a purse? And lip gloss?
My children own both of these things. What's the problem? A purse is the same as a backpack to me (which they also have many of). They carry their toys, LIPGLOSS, etc. in it. There is absolutely nothing sexy about purses and lipgloss in my opinion (especially when most of it ends up on their arms, the walls, etc lol)
Purses lip gloss lotions etc that doesn't bother me. Dress up and imaginative play doesn't bother me. When my DD is older (15+) I will do with her what my Mom did with me. We tried on all the clothes we'd NEVER actually buy.


To ALLOW what is quoted here............

Many choose low-slung pants and sequined spandex tops cropped just under where their breasts would be, if they had any.
Is contributing to the already huge issue with pedophiles. Am I saying a child should be blamed for an attack based on what they are wearing NOT A CHANCE! NO child should be BLAMED for a psycho's actions.

What I am saying is WHY give them a place to see this stuff.

Originally Posted by Amylcd
My children own both of these things. What's the problem? A purse is the same as a backpack to me (which they also have many of). They carry their toys, LIPGLOSS, etc. in it. There is absolutely nothing sexy about purses and lipgloss in my opinion (especially when most of it ends up on their arms, the walls, etc lol)
IMO, a purse is a very gendered article that signifies a lot. If this is just for dress up fun, that is one thing, but I am really bothered by the idea of little girls having to have "girl" things at such a young age and dressing up like adults in public settings like malls and pagents. It just seems like setting them up for a whole lot of expectations in regards to their sexulaity and orientation. I think three is a little young to even start thinking about that stuff.

I also think there is some sinister marketing going on and exposing such small children to all of the things they "need" to be pretty princesses does not seem right to me.

I actually think part of the reason why I am uncomfortable with 3 year olds having lip gloss (not chap stick) is b/c I went to a Catholic school where make up wasn't allowed until highschool. We were told that we were beautiful the way God made us and that we didn't need to grow up too fast by trying to look more attractive. Also, my mother only wears makeup on special occasions. I am the same way- and when I wear it, it is to look more attractive. I associate make up with looking attractive which is not something I think is appropriate for kids.

I don't like how sexualized a lot girl stuff has become and I guess the purse and lip gloss represent that to me. You are right that these things can be really innocent, I just got a bad feeling about the store and the mothers that were interviewed in the article.
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:puke Those Bratz dolls are bad,but they are plastic,kwim? These are real children being paraded dressed more revealing than some prostitutes.
Wrong on so many levels...
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i dont know as long as they know its play, i think its ok. however if you let your child do such thing you need to have a fine line.
This is in my area. Thank goodness DD has never been invited to one of those parties (it's nice to have crunchy friends

One of her little girlfriends wanted a "manicure" party so the mom hired a few teenagers and bought washable nail polish. The teenage girls gave little manicures and they had a tea party with little tiaras afterward. (and they could take the tiaras home as their gift). It was sweet to see little girls dressing up in tiaras instead of Brittney Spears clothing.
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This issue for me is more the rampant consumerism and materialism these little girls are being taught is OK. That's when I say WTF is wrong with these parents. But as a general rule I'm OK with dress-up and make-up and such, for the purpose of pretend play. I also would not object to my dds attending a party at a place like this, but I 1) wouldn't have THEIR party there and 2) wouldn't be shouting for them to shimmy and shake it from the sidelines and 3) wouldn't be calling her princess (or at least I'd teach her not to expect any prince charming IRL
). My older dd understands now that make-up is for in the house pretend-play, same with a bare belly shirt (she had a cheerleader costume for halloween, and she wore a long sleeve T under it). So, in a nutshell, I don't forbid these things, but I teach her my values about them.

swimswamswum, I agree about a purse being a gendered item, but in the case of my dd's, well, they just like them! I am about as big a tom-boy as ever there was, and I truly do not understand their fascination with purses and girly stuff at this age, but I'm not going to forbid these things either (nor do I buy them, they end up as gifts from family). My son has far fewer "boy" things than most little boys his age by virtue of the fact that he has 2 sisters, but he really is not interested in the purses or the baby dolls or the princess costumes. maybe this is for a different post, but I really think that boys and girls (in general, of course there are exceptions) are wired differently and like different things. Now, do I think it's appropriate to push this stuff on little girls? NO WAY. I completely agree with swimswamswum that it sets them up for unrealistic expectations about sexuality and reality.
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