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This may be a really dumb question....

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...but how do you make Jello pudding with soy milk???
It won't jell
I know its SO not organic, etc. But I'm pg w/ dc#2 and dd is nursing still and she's allergic to dairy so I can't make pudding with milk. I have been craving it for DAYS and it just sits there looking like chocolate soup! AK! I froze onw bowl and tried to turn it into icecream (I haven't had that in months either). Did NOT work. I am so sad...
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I've never done it successfully either, so I am awaiting some wisdom. Once I got some dairy free pudding at the health food store that was pretty good though- but I've never been able to make it with Jello.
It doesn't work for me either. If you look at the ingredients on the packages soy pudding and yoghurt, there is a lot of other stuff in there to make it into pudding and yoghurt.
I think the actual jello pudding powder has whey powder in it doesn't it????
I like this recipe:

Chocolate Pudding

2-3 avocados
1 3/4 cups dates, putted, cut up
1/2 - 3/4 cup water
3 tablespoons cocoa powder (or carob)

In a blender, place avocados and blend until smooth. Add dates, a few at a time, with water and blend until smooth. Add cocoa and blend until mixed in. Pour mixture in a serving bowl and chill.

I usually soak the dates in water (even overnight) to create a very smooth pudding.
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Siana, does that actually taste like chocolate pudding? I mean, REAL choc. pudding, not like when you get used to soy ice cream and start to think it tastes like ice cream lol!

I would LOVE to make choc pudding with AVOCADOS!!
I really want to make the avocado pudding, but I can never manage to not eat the avocados plain!

So, I've had great results with this pudding, with both soy and cow's milk:

interesting, I'll have to try that avocado pudding
You all are awesome! Thank you SO much!
instant fails every time
but making pudding from scratch with soy milk works fine....basically just sugar and cornstarch and cocoa and soy milk (dash of vanilla or cinnamon and 45 minutes later you have the world's best pudding-- it takes a LOT of patience and stirring but once ina while is worth it)
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We tried to make instant pistachio pudding for St. Paddy's Day (had a whole table full of green and Irish food), but of course it wouldn't set up. Oh well. We had pistachio pudding soup for desert. I have the most awesome recipe for a chocolate "pudding." Actually the recipe is for chocolate pie, but we just make the filling and put it in pudding cups. My whole family loves it, and it is super fantastic. It's really rich though, so a little goes a long way. The recipe is from Vegetarian Times, January '94.
8 oz unsweetened chocolate
2 10oz pkgs silken tofu
10 oz jar blackberry preserves (we've also used black raspberry and we use 100% fruit spreads)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 C honey (we don't use honey, so we substitute a little over 3/4 C agave nectar since it is sweeter than honey).
Melt chocolate (we use a double boiler, but you could probably microwave it). Put the rest of the ingredients in blender and add melted chocolate - process until very smooth. Pour filling into pudding cups, refrigerate for at least four hours, and eat!!! Yummmmmm.
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