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this morning I SAW my baby move!!

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I am so excited! I have been feeling the baby move for a few weeks now, and this morning the baby was being realy active so I lay in bed and watched and.... bump... I SAW it!!! I love this!
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Yay! So exciting
Between my anterior placenta and my poochy post c section gut, I am sure that it will be a while before I see mine from the out side. Shoot, I barely feel it on the inside!
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That's really exciting!!!!!!!!!
How fun! I love the squirmy stage. I'm looking forward to being able to see it. So far I've felt it, but when DH puts a hand on my belly, baby quits moving.

I'm kind of jealous... I want to see too!!!!!
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that's so exciting! I can't wait to experience this!
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