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This product makes me so sad

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Why would you want your little babe so far away and dragged along the floor?
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They're on the floor!!!! That is HORRIBLE!!

I give it an F-.

Poor kid.... instead of looking at faces they're looking at ankles!!!

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my husband saw someone pulling their child behind them in a convertible backpack thingey on the weekend, commented on how uncomfortable the child looked (was facing my husband as he walked behind the parents). I would *not* want my child where I couldn't see them, on the ground... who knows what could happen (ie -- dog).

stoopid idea, but I bet ppl buy them...

That is horrible! I can't believe someone could think of that much less buy and use it!

Oh my!!!!
I was playing with one of those the other day! We could not beleive how stupid it was! I was with a baby wearing friend and a future baby wearing friend and we were laughing about it. We did decide that would would use it to pull the car seat with the diaper bag in it at the airport if there is some reason we could not take a stroller. LOL Just think of what is down that low, dogs, people can trip over the baby, ciggerette ashes. Its expensive too!
Wow that is definately something that I would not buy...LOL imagine how bumpy and rough that ride would be!....let alone the fact there is no suspension! eeks!!! Imagine all the exhaust fumes that would be at that level...
The ultimate in 'bucket baby' accessories. This way you NEVER have to take them out of the 'bucket' - except maybe for a diaper change. Oh - and to get fitted for that helmet to cure the flat spot they got from living in their bucket seat!
That is bizarre, disgusting, and downright unsafe.

Originally Posted by Mom2six
Oh - and to get fitted for that helmet to cure the flat spot they got from living in their bucket seat!
that is so sad, but so true. And the baby has to stare at everything OTHER than their mother all day long.
gag me. that is not only sad but weird; it's like baby luggage.

that store is right near my house and they actually sell a wrap carrier ( but I guess that's it as far as AP goes.
I saw a woman wearing that carrier here and almost fainted as this is the land of babies in buckets.
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All attachment issues aside....

I saw one of those in use a few weeks ago. They don't work. They get caught on every little bump in the sidewalk because the wheels are so small and the weight isn't balanced right. They also looked hard to steer. It was kinda like pulling a semi-trailer. W .. i .. d .. e turns.

And another thing, $70 ?!?! They want how much? Geez, give me two wheels and some scrap aluminum and I can make one in 15 minutes.
Totally agree. I equate this to walking the dog. Its so low! My concern would be someone tripping over it. While I hate strollers I think a stroller is MUCH better than this thing!

OT I brought this up on another board and was bashed saying I was basically insencitive and calling all parents lazy. Most of the replies involved saying how it would work wonderfully in an airport. Airport? I cant think of a more busy place where people arent watchign where they are going. UGH! Ok maybe to put the lugagge IN the carseat since you have to bring the seat anyways but NOT my baby.
That's HORRIBLE!!! It looks like a piece of flippin' carryon luggage that you drag through an airport! Poor little baby!
Grrrrr! maybe you could just have wheels grafted right onto the baby's legs and save yourself the trouble of having actual human contact while putting him in and taking him out of th contraption.
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The EZ Go™ Baby Shuttle is great for the mall, airport, or any quick trip that you don't want to carry a bulky stroller (doctor's office, post office, etc.)
Okay, I don't like this thing any more than the rest of you, but it is advertised for QUICK TRIPS. Babies aren't going to spend their whole lives being dragged along the ground with this thing, even if for no other reason than it wouldn't be as convenient for the parents as a full size stroller or carseat carrier (yuck) with all its places to stash stuff.

I think the thing looks like a pain in the ass to use, frankly. I doubt it'll sell very well.
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