If the Jetsons could only see us now!
If the Jetsons could only see us now! Created by UBTech Robotics, a company that builds service humanoid robots for various platforms, Cruzr can become a new member of your family.

She's easy to use, and though often used in a customer service platform for businesses looking to allow their human teams to focus on complex company issues that require human interaction, I was shocked at how adorable he really is - just like a little family friend bot would be!

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Cruzr has voice recognition and distinction, and looks at you when you speak. He engages in casual conversation with immediate replies, and takes the concept of artificial intelligence to a whole new level. Going on vacation? Cruzr acts as mobile surveillance of your home, allowing you to check in from your mobile device and see just what is going on.

He's almost like a little security person on duty around the clock, even at night due to his infrared technology. He records video even, so should a break-in occur, you've got footage for the officials.
The Cruzr Robot will redock on his own for battery recharge!

We love that you can change and adjust voice and emotion; that he's smart enough to re-dock when he needs to recharge; that he is friendly with inflection and arms that move; and that he can dance and hug. He can pretty much be the coolest new member of your family. (Don't pretend you don't name your Roomba; this is that relationship times a million!)

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Cruzr is four-and-a-half feet tall and has a touchscreen where a 'human' head might be. Might be a good option for families where a parent does a lot of traveling.

Whether you like the technology or not, one thing's for sure: this robot is pretty awesome, and a good peak into what's in store for future family and business.