Meet the mama behind Marley's Monsters, a small eco-friendly shop on Etsy.

Meet Sarah Dooley, the mama behind Marley's Monsters, an eco-friendly shop with products almost too pretty to use. The passion to create inspires her hard work, but more than anything, she is motivated to show her children that they too can bring dreams to life.

When Sarah was pregnant, she wanted to make her daughter, Marley, something special. She created a stuffed monster that was was so cute, she decided to make more. She made one every day before her daughter was born and listed them as Marley's Monsters on Etsy. Not a single monster sold, yet she kept going. She began to make useful items that her family needed, such as cloth wipes, and shop sales began to trickle in.

Today, Sarah finds that her small business is constantly evolving and that many of her customers guide the items she chooses to create. Her dream is for Marley's Monsters to be a family's "go to" shop for reducing their environmental footprint.

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Sarah wants families to know that the transition to a lower-waste lifestyle is rewarding. With advance planning, she has found the process to be quite natural and preferable. To inspire families to make the change, her shop features beautiful, customized products, many of which support an "on-the-go" lifestyle. Upon taking a peek inside the shop (which I hope you do!) you will find their most popular product UNpaper (cloth) towels, as well as breastfeeding, baby, dining and body care essentials.

I was first drawn to Marley's Monsters by the fun flannel fabrics they use. An added bonus is the ability to customize your own fabrics on eco-friendly staples. From smiling avocados to honeybees, there are many adorable options to choose from. Sarah's products are high quality and I have enjoyed using them. The reusable nursing pads are extremely soft and absorbent, and the cloth wipes and UNpaper towels are too.

Meet the mama behind Marley's Monsters, a small eco-friendly shop on Etsy.

Sarah is thrilled about the future of her family-run business. Marley's Monsters has grown so much they now have a studio with employees outside of the home. Even so, the venture remains a family affair. Her husband left his full-time gig to support the shop and they are now collaborating on wood and fabric combo products for the shop. Sarah's children enjoy helping out.

Sarah believes that Marley's Monsters products have changed their lives. She hopes that they will change yours too!

Meet the mama behind Marley's Monsters, a small eco-friendly shop on Etsy.

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