The Whisbear is an award-winning sound-machine for infants
Meet Whisbear - a humming little teddy that helps your little one sleep soundly. Just ask Princess Kate - she recently joked that the bear was so perfect, she may just need to have more children!

Designed by two Polish sisters and mamas, the award-winning Whisbear helps your baby fall asleep, while also developing their fine motor skills and sensory integration processes when they are awake.

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The snuggly white noise toy is equipped with a CRYsensor, which automatically starts calming the baby with white noise when it starts crying. Unlike other voice-activated noise machines that give calming sounds for baby to sleep by, Whisbear is snuggly and gives sensory input for your baby.


The teddy's noise recreates the soothing sound of the womb, helping your baby transition from prenatal to postnatal life. It can play the sound for 40 minutes to help your little one fall into a deep sleep. It has magnetic feet so it can be fixed to just about anything metal until your baby is old enough to snuggle it, and when she can, it also serves as a great way for her to get some sensory input.

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This sweet bear has been awarded the Oeko-Tex Certification for its eco-friendly and hypoallergenic materials, and the company prides itself in ensuring that it not only is good for your baby, but good for the earth as well. More, we love that this company takes care of mamas too, as they have another product - the I'mPerfect album. It's full of mindful encouragement for mothers, and reminders that mothers need to remember to take care of themselves too.