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This starting to drive me crazy!

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My dd is now 1 year old(on the 24th) and she is still a complete boob baby,she nurses through the night,i can sleep through it now! and off and on all day long.The past few weeks she will only nurse during the day sitting up facing me, holding my boob in both hands.She started doign this a while back but i could switch her to another positin.But now she will only nurse like this, if i try to move her, she freaks.I think she is afraid she will fall asleep and miss something!It is starting to drive me crazy.When she really sleepy she will let me nurse her in a cradle hold or laying beside me but the rest of the 20 times a day she nurse, it is sitting up holding my boob like a sandwich!!!!Any ideas on how i can get her to switch or should i just let her be.she really squeezes by boob sometimes.
I dont want to upset her or hurt her feelings or discourge her from nursing.
Thanks so very much,
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