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Thora is here!!!!!

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Thora Lily Kipp Nelson was born at home on 3/28 at 2:26pm Weighing 10lbs and 4 oz and 21 in long.
Take a peek here:

I'll write more details after I catch up on some sleep.

Take care.
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CONGRATULATIONS!! She is so precious!!! And what a GREAT looking family you have!!!! Woo Hoooo!!!! Another precious April DDC baby!!!

Yay! Congrats!
Were your other kids around that size? That is a nice big healthy girl
I hope you have a lovely babymoon!
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yay! COngrats! now send all that left-over labor dust to me, my friend! LOL That black and white shot was GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!
Welcome to the world Thora! Congrats on your new baby, she looks like a sweety!
She is so sweet!!!!!! Congrats. please write and tell us how it went when you are up to it!
That's Wonderful!!
Congratulations on you baby girl and your homebirth!
10lbs 4oz !!!!!!!!
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What a beautiful family/new baby!! I absolutely LOVE her name as well! Congrats @ a healthy & happy birth!!

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YES! What BEAUTIFUL family! and GO GIRL! 10 LBS! *CONGRATULATIONS!* I can't wait to hear more.... (((((HUGS))))) sandi
What a beautiful baby girl!!! Congrats to you!

What a beautiful happy family!!! Happy Birthday Thora!
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YAAYAYYYYYYYYYYYY congratulations! What a gorgeous family!!

Beautiful!!! Congratulations, and have a great babymoon!!!
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Schnuggles!!! Congrats, what an amazingly GORGEOUS family!
Congrats mama what a fine family! Makes me want to go make a baby! I would love to add a girl to my wild bunch!
Way to go mama, I love a big healthy baby. Can't wait to hear more details.
Awesome! You go girl!
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