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Those of you that have ordered from Ikea....

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Any clue how much they charge for shipping? I just ordered this*10196 to go with my dd's wood kitchen she is getting for her birthday. I dont like how they dont give you a total when you check out. They e-mail it with shipping included. What is up with that? Is there shipping fairly reasonable?
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If it ends up being crazy expensive (not due to weight, due to them overcharging) I'd be happy to ship it from WA 98053. We have 8.8% tax and I'd charge exact shipping (we're going down Renton way this Thursday).
OMG that is so nice of you to offer. I did receive an e-mail confirmation and they said they would e-mail me with my total but it could be 4-5 days and at that time I could cancel or whatever. I have never heard of such a thing. lol I guess I'll wait a couple of days to hear back from them but I appreciate the offer!!!!!!!!
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