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Those with front loaders..

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What is your "technique" for washing dipes? I'm a bit confused on what cycle, how many rinses, etc. Any tips would be appreciated! Oh, and what type of dtergent, and how much to use also!!! Thanks mamas!!!!
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I use about a tablespoon of tide, maybe less...I don;t actually measure, and a sprinkling of washing soda (less then an eighth of a cup probably...again I don;t measure) in the cold wash/cold rinse cycle. Then I do a Hot wash/cold rinse with nothing and then usually a warm wash/warm rinse with nothing. I also add an extra rinse to each cycle. We have no stink, no build up and clean diapers and have been doing this method for a long time
Ok I'm really new, this is my first time posting on the motering forum at all as a matter of fact, but I saw your post about front loaders and I have one so I thought I would tell you my method :)

We use the dry pail method here.. BF baby poop washes out easily so no big deal about just tossing poopie dipes in the pail, plus I do a load od dipes no less than once every other day, so it's not like they are sitting for long.. If you're concerned about smelly just put a few drops of tea tree oil on a couple of cotton balls and toss them in the bottom of the pail (try not to put them in the washer though)..

Okay so I toss them in the washer.. I put them on Hot Wash with a Cold Rinse. Extra Rinse. Fast Spin cycle (seems to cut down on dry time slightly if the more water is spun out in a fast cycle). I also set the machine to Heavy Load which is a longer cycle that is meant for heavily soiled or extra large size loads. I use Sun detergent. It works great. You can get a large bottle at Wal-Mart around here for $1.97 and it last forever since you only need like 2 tablespoons of detergent for a larhe load of dipes. Sun is not an "organic" or natural detergent though.. I have heard some rave about Sun and Earth brand and Seventh Generation though I have never used either.

I have read alot of stuff online about soaking dirty dipes in the washer before washing them but usually that is not possible with a front loader and I don't think you really need to either. I have never had any problems with stains or anything.
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So now I'm wondering if I'm not doing enough with washing. I have been doing a cold rinse/spin with nothing, and then a hot/cold heavy wash with maybe a tablespoon of soap, and then a final extra rinse and spin. Sometimes I add a little vinegar in the fabric softener holder. Is this enough? My diapers seem to be clean and smell fine (I'm using contoured dipes, pfs, and a couple AIO' covers).
I don't do much for my wash. Right now my son has had more nasty diapers.... and he is 22 months, so when they are nasty, they are NASTY. Still, I do dry bucket method and I do a quick wash cycle on cold/cold and then a heavy wash on hot/cold with detergent... just a dab of Era. When his diapers aren't nasty and he isn't teething then I just do only the heavy wash cycle Hot/Cold. Diapers come out clean, no build up, no stink. If things do start to get stinky then I add a little vinegar into the fabric softener compartment for my washer. That is all I do.
I have a Kenmore FL. I do a Cold RInse and spin. THen I add detergent, small amt of Tide and set the washer to Whitest Whites- this includes a second rinse.
Every now and then I add some vinegar.
This is what I do. I have a maytag neptune so my cycles might be different that yours. I first put a scoop of baking soda in and do a quick wash cycle with the presoak option with cold water. Then I do a normal wash with detergent with hot water. Sometimes I use the extra rinse option. Every other load I also use the Downy ultra (which they don't make anymore but I still have a bottle of it, that's the one that doesn't effect absorbability for towels and such) because I like my diapers extra soft.

I use a dry pail. Regular tide HE detergent (or sometimes not HE). Once in a while I use a squirt of the biokleen. I used to use all the expensive natural detergants and finally gave up. DH likes Tide too much. Sometimes I put a few drops of TTO or TTO w/ lavendar in the wash too.

I don't get buildup problems. Or poo stains.
Thank you ladies! We have the Bosch series front loaders, so I'll have to check out my owner's manual, as we only have hot, cold, and warm settings. Not sure about extra rinses, etc. Haven't had time to really look at what I have!!
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We have the Bosch Nexxt. I usually do a cold wash and extra rinse with a little bit of HE detergent (maybe 2 T), then a PowerWash and extra rinse with about the same amount of detergent.
I found that if I add more stuff to the routine (vinegar, baking soda, washing soda, Calgon), it just screws everything up. I also switch detergents about every 2 months. It seems like the new detergent takes away any build-up from the old detergent, and everything smells fresher to me.
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