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Hello & Welcome!

I am going to "break" the pattern, as I have only 1 ds. He will be 1 in 2 weeks.

I am pretty AP, but will admit to not being fully, as ds has been vaccinated for 2 reasons: 1) Dutch law and too expensive and confusing to fight it--the Dutch court/law system is crazy...2-3 year waiting lists just to get a court hearing! 2) I like to travel to very distant, non-westernized countries, such as Africa, India, etc, so it does make me feel a just a little more "safe" knowing he has been vaccinated.

I am an American living in the Netherlands. Stbx and I have been separated since September 2003 and, as I just learned yesterday from the immigration lawyer, will not be able to legally divorce until December 2005 because of immigration and residency issues.
: Heck, we even have to be careful about our situation because if immigration finds out, ds and I will be deported immediately!

My relationship with stbx is pretty good, for the most part. He is a ridiculously passive "follower", so he pretty much doesn't fight me on long as I explain it to him clearly and with reason.
We both work together for the same publishing house, so a friendly, respectful relationship is very important.
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