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Since it seems this is where I am spending most my time...

I am the single working mama to 2 boys , they are almost 7 and 4 ( next month)
AP all the way, breastfeeding, homebirth, non-vax, non-circ ( well I have one of each because I didn't learn till the 2nd son) still co-sleeping occasionally when they desire it. I would homeschool but have not found a way to balance that with working.
My sons go to their fathers every weekend. My xh and I have a pretty good working relationship as far as the parenting goes but I wouldn't say we are co-parenting well. We have different ideals and beliefs. He is gentle in his care for them but does expose them to things I don't agree with as far as media, movies, relegion and such.

I've been divorce legally since Feb 17th 2004, asked for a seperation in Sept. of 2002, then went back to him tried to make it work then filed for divorce in Sept 2003. We had been married for 4 years together for 7 years.
I was very younge when I had my first son with my exh and basically we just beat our heads against the wall trying to make a good thing out of a bad situation.

I work as a waitress 4-5 days a week in a pretty cool ale house with 31 microbrews on tap.

I am currently setting up my future trying to apply for midwifery school and all the craziness that that will bring into my life, but I feel that it is my calling.

I'm a professional belly caster on the side and when I was married owned a bussiness where I sold homebirth supply kits, did doula work, belly castings and breastfeeding support. I would love to get back to all of that but right now I feel I only have the energy for the castings.

I'm dating
, I'm about 5 weeks into a dating relationship with a really sexy, smart, loving, crunchy blues guitarist who spoils me rotten. He is very well know locally for his music, has some CD's out and is considered one of the best blues guitarists in the Seattle blues scene and society. He supports himself fully and well with his music between teaching lessons, CD sales and doing shows with his own band and sitting in on blues bands who come through town. He teaches 6 days a week and plays shows 2-4 times a week. Busy busy busy man but he loves it. I am in awe of him...doing what he loves and supporting himslef with his passion. It inspires me to follow my own dreams.

When I'm not mothering, working and dating the guitartist I read, hike, sleep, pray and give thanks to the goddess and post
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