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I just got a serger- a singer cheapy from walmart. I wanted to know if I NEED the wooly nylon in all 4 loops or something else? Also if anyone knows what type of thread is best for clothes. thanks!
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I use Maxi Lock on all four cones - if I use Woolly Nylon I only put it on the lower two loopers. I think you can use it on all four if you want though. It's hard to thread through the needles and small holes - so paint the ends with some nail polish and roll them until hard and dry - then they'll thread easily.

I use Maxi Lock for clothes and diapers and everything I sew.

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noooo dont put wooly in your needles!!! only your loopers!
If you want to save money, you can actually just put the pretty colors in the loopers and use a neutral like gray, white, black for the needle threads. That way you don't need 4 cones of every color - just 2 - and you don't have to change as many threads spools every time you want a new cover.

It is barely noticeable up close, but a foot away you can't even tell. The needle threads barely show so IMHO it's a waste to put pretty colors in them.
Nope, you don't need to get any wooly, you can just use Maxi-Lock in both needles & both loopers. ITA with Boingo82 - there is no point wasting pretty thread in the needles unless you're going to be making items to sell. I think you can get bulk neutral colors for less than the fun colors. And then you could get some really fun colors, like the Maxi-Lock swirls, which are totally gorgeous. Oh, and you might want to join a sewing co-op, like sewing supply or Lisa's fabrics, so that you can get in on the serger thread co-ops when they occur. I got my Maxi-Lock swirls for 50% less than the retail price that way.
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