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Three is a crowd.

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When just two of my kids are together, there is 99% harmony. Throw all three into the mix, and two minutes later, there is turmoil. I obviously can't stand guard over them 100% of the time, so there are many times when I have no clue who did what and why. What do you do in those cases?
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I haven't really had much of a problem like this with my kids, but growing up there were 6 kids in my family. Everything was utter chaos...but if you removed one child (didn't matter which one) everyone was very calm and quiet.

No explanations here...just wanted to comment that it's quite a phenomenon.
I have definitely seen this when my son plays with other kids. He gets along great when it is just one other kid, but if their is a third, no matter who it is, there are problems. I don't really have any advice. I try to avoid situations where there are three kids. More doesn't seem to be too much of a problem.
that happens here too, haven't found a solution yet
This is same thing I noticed here too. Hope you find something because I would love to have a solution to that too.
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