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Three wheeled scooter for taller kids?

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We just bought dd (age 3) a scooter (3 wheeled - like this more or less) because she'd been using a little plastic big wheel type trike as a scooter - and had gone over the front handle bars twice - once into the dining room table, and once off the front steps.
It was either buy her a scooter or pay for a trip to the ER!

I didn't buy one for ds because his balance sucks still and the bigger ones only have 2 wheels. (and I was thinking he might rather have a bike with training wheels). Well, after living with dd's scooter for 5 days now, ds desperately wants one. He's been riding hers, but it really is too small for him. It's the perfect size for a 39" 3 year old, and too small for a 49" 6 year old.

I can't get him to do a 2 wheeled one (even though those would fit), and it's just not important that he learn to do that NOW. I'd rather have him have fun chasing his little sister around on a scooter (though I will have to ban it from the house, I think. Currently they've invented a game where he races around on the scooter and she chases after him with the fly swatter!)

All of this is a long preamble to: does anyone know where we can buy a reasonably priced 3 wheel scooter that can fit a 6-7 year old? He's a tall 6 year old at 49" (but not heavy at only 45 lbs.)
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We have this one, which is an all-terrain scooter and skate board combo with a handle that folds down. (I didn't know it was so expensive since it came as a present from ILs
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