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throwing up soilds, I think

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I'm wondering if anyone can shed light on an odd occurence with my six month old. He's thrown up five times in the last month. I don't mean spitting up (which he's always done alot). But rather serious retching for a couple of hours. Each time it's taken a worse toll on him in the sense that he's felt sicker during the episode. It started about a month after startgin solids which I did only because he's been intensely interested in us all eating! it went well for a few weeks and then the first episode occured. Another two days later. Because there was a stomach bug in our neighborhood and house I thought that might be it. But then it happened again on a day I gave him cereal. I then figured it was the cereal in particular. And stopped the cereal. Then it happened once on just peas (although he'd had several days of peas and prunes with no problem). At this point I've stopped the soilds entirely but today it happened again after just a couple of ounces of formula -- which he has rarely (only a few times in his life) but which I had to use today since I was at work and couldn't pump quite enough. Don't know if it's a bad reaction to solids too early. Or if he's developed an allergy.

Anyone have a similar experience? I'm grateful for your insight.
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My dd's have allergies (dairy, soy, banana) and the symptom of the banana allergy for them is vomiting. It sounds to me like possible allergies, but it could be something else.

Do you eat dairy yourself? Any vomiting while nursing?

I've also heard that after kids have a stomach bug, they can develop a temporary intolerance to certain foods (like dairy).

I think it's a good idea to hold off for a while on solids like you are and really try to avoid the formula if you can. Then slowly re-introduce low-allergenic foods like pears and sweet potatoes and see what happens.

If you are going to have to supplement again with formula, you may want to try a non-dairy formula, like a soy formula or, since many kids with dairy allergies also have soy allergies, a hypo-allergeninc formula like Nutramagin or Allimentum.
yeah that. sounds like allergic reactions to me. in more serious forms, the vomitting can progress into shock - it's called FPIES - food protein induced enterocolitis syndrome.

i would totally back off on the food, and go with things that are low on the totem pole for allergenicity. this is a great scale for things to try:

oh, and i second using a hypo formula if you need to. alimentum fyi is much more broken down than nutramigen.
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