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thrush and lanolin

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I'm a first time mom to a month old baby and haven't had the best time with nursing. It seems that the nipple pain is never going to go away!

Anyway, he's latching on well, but we are just getting over a case of thrush. we're using Nystatin in his mouth and on my nipples after each feeding, and that seems to have worked on his mouth but my nipples are still pink and sore and painful. I used Lansinoh ointment when we first started, but I'm worried that that contributed to the yeast problem so I stopped using it. Does anyone know if I can use both the Nystatin and the Lansinoh to treat my nipples and if lansinoh will make my nipples more prone to reinfection from the horrible yeasties?

I'm committed to nursing him as long as I need, but the pain definitely doesn't make it an enjoyable experience. boo!
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Thrush is horrible- I hope it clears up quickly for you!

My gut tells me that the lanolin could possibly make thrush worse- it would keep the air from getting to the nipple and a moist environment is what yeast thrives in. You could try using it after your nipples are dry and very sparingly if you need to use it (and buy a new tube jic the old tube has yeast in it from before you started treating). But I don't know all this for a fact, I'm just going with my gut.

The other thing is that perhaps the Nystatin isn't working on your nipples that well. It is being used so much (in the population in general) that it is losing its effectiveness. YOu could try adding some acidophilous and/or grapefruit seed extract to your diet to see if that can give the yeast the kick in the butt it needs!

Good luck- here's to painfree nursing in the near future!
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We are just getting over thrush too. I feel your pain! I stopped using the lanolin because I though it was better to keep my nipples as moisture free as possible. I also started using a baking soda/grapefruit seed extract wash on my nipples. It made a huge difference. HTH
Thanks! I think I am off to the natural foods store again for GSE. No more lanolin for us. We've been using the Nystatin for two weeks now and his tongue looks totally clear and the pain is a little bit better, but I want to be all the way better so I can actually enjoy breastfeeding.
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