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Thrush question for BTDT mamas

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I keep reading websites that say thrush doesn't or shouldn't cause the baby fact I've read a few sites that say that thrush in newborns can be untreated because it doesn't bother the baby and it will go away on it's own.

My son seems to be bothered by the thrush which is why we sought treatment in the first place. Has anyone had that experience of it causing discomfort in your child?
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We are in the process of getting rid of thrush....DS seemed very bothered by it.
I've been taking Primadophilus and Garlic capsules, and limiting my sugar/yeast/processed food consumption, and putting plain (organic) yogurt in his mouth and on his bum.
Seems to be doing the trick!

But, to answer your question, yes, it was bothering him
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Thrush hurt my son so much it ruined our breastfeeding relationship (made it uncomfortable for him to latch on properly). Don't believe them!
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